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Reputation Management (Beta)

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A business's online reputation affects its bottom line. If you do not actively shape your brand's narrative, you let other people, whom you can't control, take a leading voice. For this reason, many brands choose to work with a digital marketing agency to manage their business's reputation and PR. 

Steeped Content takes a three-phase approach to reputation management and PR:

  1. Examine and Ensure Accuracy: This involves checking your brand's current reputation details, and ensuring that any citations of your business are accurate and up-to-date. It also includes doing a detailed audit of the reviews that your business currently has. 
  2. Competitive Comparison: The second stage is to compare your brand's reputation to that of three direct competitors. Understanding how the market perceives your brand is essential; understanding how your brand is perceived relative to others is insightful.
  3. Control The Narrative: Controlling the narrative includes addressing any problem comments (and trying to deemphasize them), as well as performing outreach to digital publishers. This step occurs in perpetuity.
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