Transforming digital and content marketing for tea and coffee companies


Case Study

Sierra Joseph-Quon is the woman who owns The Tea Practitioner. Sierra's strong culinary skills shape her tea brand’s topical focus. Her website is rich with recipe-style content.
Steeped Content focused on improving the visibility of Sierra's content. The scope of this improvement focused on her existing content and her future content.
To do this, Steeped Content created a content marketing strategy for Sierra. Mackenzie used Sierra's business goals to define her unique content goals.
Mackenzie analyzed The Tea Practitioner's present situation. This analysis examined how current content performed on the brand's website and social channels.
Steeped Content created a detailed definition of The Tea Practitioner's target audience. Doing so ensured the content The Tea Practitioner produced attracted customers.
Steeped Content's content marketing strategy provided Sierra with several recommendations for pursuing opportunities. Outlining concrete blog post opportunities was one of the document's key contributions. The content marketing strategy also outlined action plans for implementation.
Here's a glance at the document Sierra received.


Here’s What Sierra Joseph-Quon Says

“I now produce more of the content proven to work for my tea business.”

“The content strategy Mackenzie developed for The Tea Practitioner exceeded my expectations. She focused her time on SEO by conducting a site audit, and from there, she helped me fill in missing information, including meta-descriptions. She also identified my top-performing blog posts, so I now produce more of the content proven to work for my tea business. By pinpointing specific keywords related to The Tea Practitioner's content focus, Mackenzie provided me with many highly relevant topics. I have no doubt these topics will be an essential part of building out my blog and recipe portfolio to gain more traffic and sales.”

Sierra Joseph-Quon Owner, The Tea Practitioner,

Toronto, Canada

There’s just so many wonderful things I can say about Mackenzie and her knowledge of tea marketing

Sierra Joseph-Quon