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For tea and coffee businesses who want to sell more products, Steeped Content’s digital marketing strategy is for you. Unlike generalist agencies, Steeped Content specializes in tea and coffee markets, which means you can grow your business with highly relevant expertise.

New tea and coffee companies emerge every year, and established players consolidate, expanding their market share. To endure in the face of competition, you need a digital marketing strategy.
SEO produces 'winner-takes-all' dynamics, and PPC ads can either drive a business forward or demolish their marketing budget. New social channels and trends often emerge, creating a sense of pressure and fragmentation in marketing efforts.
Embrace growth by getting a clear line of sight into the complex digital landscape; get your digital marketing strategy now.

Package Details Includes Details
Price $3,500
Benefit Details Gain a clear, detailed line of sight into how you can use digital marketing to grow your business.
Includes Review of past actions
Analysis of present situation
Strategic marketing objectives
Analysis of marketing channels
Customer journey mapping
Recommendations and selection of:
-paid media (e.g., PPC)
-earned media (e.g., SEO, digital PR)
-shared media (e.g., social media)
-owi media (e.g., website, email)
Action plan
High level implementation budget
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  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how this service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use a questionnaire format to help you efficiently provide the information which ensures the final product is tailored to your particular needs and context.
  3. Receive your digital marketing strategy and review it in a discussion with Steeped Content.

What People Are Saying

“Mackenzie comes up with a clear and concise plan to get you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are."

“Mackenzie comes up with a clear and concise plan to get you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are." “Mackenzie comes up with a clear and concise plan to get you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are, and even helps you understand how to put these plans in place. I had such a vague understanding of why SEO and content strategy were so important to the success of my business. But Mackenzie was able to explain and help me learn about all of these in such a short time."
Sierra Joseph-Quon

Owner, The Tea Practitioner

Vancouver, Canada

"Excellent strategy and delivery."

“Excellent strategy and delivery. You have demonstrated commendable initiative in applying marketing skills in developing a way forward, both at the strategic and tactical level.”
Dan Bolton

Founder and Editor, Tea Journey and Tea Biz

Winnipeg, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital marketing strategy?
A digital marketing strategy is a plan of action for achieving defined marketing goals. It relies on online marketing channels, such as clusters of content based on paid, earned, and owned media.
Why do you need a digital marketing strategy?
You need a digital marketing strategy to guide the achievement of your goals (eg. brand awareness, sales growth, customer loyalty and retention) through technology, carefully selected online marketing channels (e.g., paid search, SEO), and tactics.
What is the difference between a digital and content marketing strategy?
A digital marketing strategy is broader than a content marketing strategy as it takes into account things like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and analytics. A content marketing strategy is more specific; it defines who your audience is and what types of content you will produce, among other things.

A digital marketing strategy pairs well with a marketing strategy, marketing plan and content marketing strategy.

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist

Calgary, Canada

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