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Facebook Campaign | Tea Biz

Facebook Campaign | Tea Biz

Dan Bolton is the media mogul behind Tea Journey magazine and Tea Biz blog and podcast. 

Dan distinguishes himself as a leading voice in the global tea industry. He has an extensive network and great skill in producing content.  Tea Biz's strong content leverages Dan's network and skill.

Steeped Content focused on promoting Tea Biz's content to interested audiences. These pieces of content engage, inspire, and resonate with tea professionals in India. 

Steeped Content and Dan Bolton examined Tea Biz's blog posts and podcast episodes. Episodes featuring India's tea leaders got flagged as potential opportunities. Specific content was then shortlisted based on expected national interest.

Steeped Content and Dan Bolton selected a podcast segment for promotion. It featured Rudra Chatterjee, the Managing Director of Luxmi Group. The Luxmi Group owns many tea gardens, including Makaibari Tea Estate. Makaibari is a national treasure of India. 

This podcast segment became the focus of Steeped Content's Facebook marketing efforts. Steeped Content created a Facebook targeting campaign. Optimizing the campaign for success involved testing creative assets (i.e., images) and copy (i.e., ad text).

Here are the results achieved for Tea Biz in the Facebook advertising campaign. 


What Dan Bolton Says

"She achieved a CPC of $0.02 for my campaign."

“Mackenzie ran a campaign promoting Tea Biz’s content, and she achieved a cost per click (CPC) of $0.02 for my campaign. The campaign produced 5,684 clicks, reached 342,970 people, and generated 522,252 impressions. I was proud.”

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz

Winnipeg, Canada