This is a photo of a hand-painted bone blue and white teacup, made from bone china. The deep blue of the cup matches Steeped Content's brand colour. The caption above the teacup reads, " Blog Post," followed by "2000 words", describing the content length and the service page to which this image belongs. Below the teacup, in smaller font, is the word "Content Marketing," referring to the overarching practice.

Blog Post | 2,000 Words

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Some topics, especially those centred on a highly searched keyword, require a more comprehensive piece of content. By investing in an article that discusses a topic more comprehensively than the content it competes with, you increase the likelihood your article appears in the search engine results page (SERP).

When you buy any Blog Post package, you get one keyword of your choice, verified original content, and citations. All work is checked for spelling and grammar. 

Note: All blog posts come with a 10% margin of variance, either above or below the specified total word count.