This is a photo of a hand-painted bone blue and white teacup, made from bone china. The deep blue of the cup matches Steeped Content's brand colour. The caption above the teacup reads, "Guest Blog Post," followed by "1000 words", describing the service page to which this image belongs. Below the teacup, in smaller font, is the word "Content Marketing." This refers to the overarching practice, which guest posting and other blogging content fall within.

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A Guest Blog Post is a one-time package made explicitly for new clients who want to asses the quality of our work. 

When you buy the Guest Blog Post package, you get a 1,000-word article, offered at a steep discount. 

In terms of deliverables, the Guest Blog Post package is identical to the 1,000-word Blog Post package. The content produced allows you to select one keyword and receive verified original content, as well as citations. All work is checked for spelling and grammar. 

However, in the Guest Blog Post package, Mackenzie receives credit as the author and makes link-building decisions.

Note: All blog posts come with a 10% margin of variance, either above or below the specified total word count.