Steeped Content offers an hourly rate so that you can make a custom digital marketing project.

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Each client is different. Every business has its particulars, from size to product line, from goals to challenges. There are times when the existing service offering doesn't perfectly align with your unique needs for a specific situation.

My hourly rate is designed to give you the ultimate flexibility. It provides us with a billable structure for any custom marketing projects you may want to explore with me.

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No, my hourly rate is not negotiable. The rate reflects my deep expertise in both digital marketing and tea and includes the use of paid tools, like Ahref and Canva Pro. Lowering my rate would necessitate cutting these paid tools out of my offering, which would decrease the value I bring to my clients.

Yes, if you prefer a different pricing structure, I can accommodate that. Clients who have a larger project often hire me to do one specific thing. Offering my services at a fixed price gives you trust that I’m not out to take advantage of you.

You can also hire me on a monthly retainer, and I will conduct specific marketing actions for you. As each client is unique, these particulars are best discussed on a call. If you’re curious, contact me today.

If you are a tea farmer or tea factory, please contact me with your digital marketing needs. In my limited downtime, I try to help tea farmers and tea factories worldwide with their content marketing, free of charge.