This is a photo of a hand-painted bone blue and white teacup, made from bone china. The deep blue of the cup matches Steeped Content's brand colour. The caption above the teacup reads, "Keyword Research," describing the service page to which this image belongs. Below the teacup, in smaller font, is the word "Search Engine Optimization (SEO)." This refers to the benefit of doing keyword research; it helps SEO.

Keyword Research | 10 Search Terms

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SEO is complicated. But, there are two consistent critical factors: keywords and backlinks. Conducting keyword research allows you to see the search volume and intensity of competition associated with each keyword. Deciding what keywords to focus on is a tactical on-page SEO decision. 

When you buy the Keyword Research package, you are provided with ten terms related to your primary keyword. For each keyword, we specify search volume and the estimated difficulty of ranking for that term. You also receive a recommendation for the top three keywords to target. 

Please note, Keyword Research can only be purchased with either the 1,000 or 2,000 Blog Post package.