This is a photo of a hand-painted bone blue and white teacup, made from bone china. The deep blue of the cup matches Steeped Content's brand colour. The caption above the teacup reads, "Marketing Strategy," describing the service page to which this image belongs. Below the teacup, in smaller font, is the word "Strategy." This word refers to the broader service category to which this specific service, marketing strategy, belongs.

Marketing Strategy Development

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The Marketing Strategy Development package consists of a 20-30 page marketing strategy guidebook, which informs other aspects of the business. 

When you purchase the Marketing Strategy Development package, it includes market research, creative strategy, and tactical recommendations:

  • Market research includes industry, competitor and customer analysis with your target market defined.
  • The creative strategy includes visual language and identity, brand archetype, brand story, communication style.
  • Tactical recommendations include pricing objectives, product and promotion strategy.