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Best Coffee Packaging

This article offers a cross-section of the twenty best examples of exceptional packaging across the coffee industry

Brands on this list distinguish themselves by their packaging innovation or by proving to lead in the best coffee bag design, best coffee can design, best instant coffee packaging or best coffee cup design.

  1. Bandido
  2. Black Rifle Coffee Company
  3. Blend Station
  4. Blue Bottle
  5. Bones Coffee
  6. Bulletproof
  7. Death Wish
  8. Dose
  9. Drive
  10. Gravite
  11. Intelligentsia
  12. Little's
  13. Lucifer
  14. Made
  15. Never Coffee
  16. Sockbird
  17. Starbucks
  18. Stumptown
  19. Uphill
  20. Wishbone


Bandido's provides premium to-go packaging for out-of-home coffee drinkers who enjoy specialty coffee. Because the coffee cup design uses symbolism and simplicity, it’s likely to be noticed and remembered by those who see it.

Some of the things that Bandido’s coffee cup design does well include:

  • Cohesive branding is used across all to-go packaging
  • Symbolism reinforces the brand name (e.g., a bandits mask alludes to the brand name, Bandido)
  • Use minimal simplicity to draw attention to the product

Black Rifle Coffee Company

For coffee drinkers who appreciate products that bring them meaning, Black Rifle Coffee Company provides appeals to higher motives, like adventure and patriotism. Because their coffee bag design images, text, and ideals work well together, this packaging stands out.

Some of the things that Black Rifle Coffee Company's bag design does well are:

  • Establishing who the product is for (e.g., "America's Coffee")
  • Visual storytelling with immersive images (e.g., the image of the gunship is cool and ominous; it's also silhouetted, so you need to think briefly of what the image is)
  • Creating intangible symbolic value in the product (e.g., patriotism represented by the American flag) 

Blend Station 

Blend Station provides packaging for out-of-home tea and coffee drinkers that builds curiosity and intrigue. Because the coffee cup doesn’t say the brand name, it breaks with the norm, potentially building interest in the product and brand among those who see it.

Some of the things that Blend Station’s coffee cup design does well include:

  • Leverages human behaviour to draw attention (e.g., humans are hardwired to pay attention to faces, and by adding eyes to the coffee cup, the packaging leverages this phenomenon) 
  • Effective use of contrast (e.g., white eyes on a solid black background) 
  • Uses novelty to capture attention (e.g., no logo, no brand name is visible on the distinctive coffee cup, which is unusual)

Blue Bottle 

For specialty coffee drinkers who value simplicity, Blue Bottle’s beautiful coffee bag design flawlessly directs consumer attention and communicates key product information. Because the packaging combines some colour with its minimalist design, the packaging is clean without being boring.

Some of the things that Blue Bottle's coffee bag design does well are:

  • Directing focus (e.g., the yellow line draws the eye down the packaging to the product information, "Spring Blend")
  • The use of contrasting colours builds visual interest (e.g., the cool blue bottle logo contrasts with the warm yellows of the line)
  • Visually communicating information (e.g., the coffee's origin is visually represented and stated)

Bones Coffee 

Bones Coffee provides products that reflect seasonality and specific flavours for specialty coffee drinkers who appreciate product relevance. Because Bones Coffee's coffee bag packaging uses clear visual storytelling, consumers feel intrigued and entertained with each product offering.

Some of the things that Bones Coffee's bag design does well are:

  • Supporting product name with images (e.g. "Smorey Time" shows three characters roasting marshmallows, telling stories, and sitting by a fire)
  • Effectively using the design tactic of grouping (e.g., the brand name, product name, image and border all create a cohesive visual) 
  • Invite a deeper engagement (e.g., they include their website on their packaging) 


Bulletproof provides a product that caters to those with specific dietary constraints for ready-to-drink coffee drinkers with a particular lifestyle. Because Bulletproof’s coffee can design establishes trust by communicating important product details about how it fits into their dietary restrictions, consumers are likely to trust it.

Some of the things Bulletproof can design does well are:

  • Prominent branding (e.g., Bulletproof)
  • Highly effective use of colour, providing vibrancy and contrast.
  • Prominently shows product details (e.g., Cold Brew Latte, “Keto Friendly,” 8g collagen protein, MCT oil, and 0g of sugar)
  • Sets flavour expectations (e.g., Dark Chocolate)

Death Wish 

Death Wish offers a strong brand experience and inspiring confidence for instant coffee drinkers. Because the instant coffee packaging reinforces the product positioning as “the world's strongest instant coffee”, it’s likely trusted by the brand’s existing consumers. 

Some of the things Death Wish instant coffee packaging design does well are:

  • Virtue signal (e.g., USDA Organic) 
  • Strong branding (e.g., prominent Death Wish Coffee logo)
  • Highlight important product features (e.g., Warning: Highly caffeinated) 


For your specialty coffee drinkers who enjoy ready-to-drink coffee, Dose provides stunning packaging that assures consumers of product quality. Because of Dose’s innovative packaging design, the product stands out from competing items.

Some of the things that Dose’s packaging does well are:

  • Use common packaging material, cardboard, in an unexpected way (e.g., the cardboard layer around the glass bottle attracts attention and offers an unboxing experience)
  • Clear branding (e.g., the prominent logo ensures recognition for innovative packaging is transformed into brand recognition) 
  • Artwork and a question included on the inside of the cardboard exterior surprise and delight consumers, creating a memorable experience


Drive provides packaging that appeals to cars for specialty coffee drinkers with broad interests. Because images, words (e.g., Nitro) and icons appeal to their target segment, the brand is likely to stand out.

Some of the things Drive’s coffee can design do well incude:

  • Stunning use of colour to capture attention (e.g., contrasting colours of light blue and orange are used, and white and black) 
  • Great use of imagery (e.g. an image of a car reiterates brand name) and icons.
  • References the brand's source material (e.g., “Inspired by motorsports”) 


For those who enjoy drinking coffee on the go, Gravite provides stringily beautiful packaging. Because Gravite’s coffee cup makes highly effective use of colours and images, it attracts and holds consumer attention. 

Some of the things that Gravite coffee cup design do well include:

  • Linking customer action to an emotional appeal (e.g., "Take me home") 
  • Increasing visual interest (e.g., flowers layered over the astronaut's face) 
  • Including the coffee brands' social media information (e.g., Instagram handle) 


For specialty coffee drinkers who want premium instant coffee, Intelligentsia provides packaging that leverages brand trust. Because Intelligentsia’s logo is large, those familiar with the brand will likely trust it. 

Some of the things Intelligentsia instant coffee design does well include:

  • Draws attention to the packaging with colour (e.g., red) 
  • Pomenent branding (e.g., logos) 
  • Suggesting virtue (e.g., Direct trade) 


Lucifer provides a coffee brand with social significance for specialty coffee drinkers that appreciate relevant products. Because Lucifer's coffee bag packaging leverages a cultural reference point (e.g., Lucifer, the devil, is a well-known symbol), consumers attache intangible value and significance to the product.

Some of the things that Lucifer's coffee bag design does well are:

  • Interesting product promise (e.g., Roasted in the fires of hell, tastes like heaven)
  • Creates a sense of harmony (e.g., the text wraps around the image of Lucifer, giving the viewer the impression that all parts come together to form a cohesive whole)
  • Relevant look and feel (e.g., red and back are colours associated with evil, the image of Lucifer looks traditional and feels approachable)


For specialty coffee drinkers who enjoy artisan products, Made’s coffee can invites consumers into their production process. Because the packaging uses images to convey the process by which the product’s made to consumers, they will likely be engaged.

Some of the things Made’s coffee can design does well are:

  • Strong use of colour (e.g., pastel and dark colours add visual interest) 
  • Effective use of images (e.g., demonstrating the production process) 
  • Using a hierarchy of information (e.g., Made Coffee, the brand name, is more prominent than product information, Nitro Coffee) 


Nescafe's instant coffee packaging design provides clear product information for coffee drinkers who want to make an easy purchasing decision. Because the packaging uses images effectively, consumers know what to expect.

Some of the things Nescafe’s instant coffee packaging does well include:

  • Showing contextual product photos (e.g., shows the beans, and brewed coffee) 
  • Anchoring price on product quantity (e.g., 150 cups) 
  • Using colour (e.g., the red stands out against the brown and black)

Never Coffee 

For specialty coffee drinkers who appreciate products with a unique look and feel, Never Coffee provides a bold aesthetic product. Because Never Coffee's coffee bag design effectively uses colour and variety, it stands out. 

Some of the things that Never Coffee's coffee bag packaging does well include:

  • Create a sense of variety (e.g. the images and different typography work together to build visual interest)
  • Effectively uses visual prominence (e.g., the brand name, Never, is large)
  • Allows for customization (e.g., some blank space is left to add the roast date to the packaging) 


For those who enjoy drinking specialty coffee at home, Sockbird provides a visually unique subscription box. Because Sockbird's subscription box offers consumers a cohesive, premium packaging, consumers will likely perceive the brand's products as premium. 

Some of the things that Sockbird's packaging does well are:

  • Prominent logo and brand name, so people can quickly identify the parcel received
  • Showcase batch information, distinguishing the product as specialty coffee
  • Creating an unboxing experience (the branded tape across the boxes top allows consumers to anticipate and unwrap the products within the box) 


For coffee drinkers who value distinction, Starbucks cups offer evident branding. Because the logo is so prominently displayed, anyone carrying the Starbucks coffee cups offers social proof.

Some of the things that Starbucks does well include:

  • Allude to sustainability and virtue with natural materials (e.g. unbleached, branded cardboard sleeve) 
  • The deep green and crisp white cup offer a sense of premium packaging.
  • Effective use of prominence, the Starbucks logo is large and centrally displayed.


Stumptown provides a premium product in innovative packaging for your coffee drinkers who appreciate ready-to-drink products. Because Stumptown’s packaging combines the familiar and unexpected, it stands out to consumers.

Some of the things that Stumptown’s packaging does well are:

  • Offering quality assurance (e.g., highest quality) 
  • Making a product promise (e.g., “Always refreshing”)
  • Communicating key product information (e.g., cold brew coffee with milk, lightly sweetened) 


For specialty coffee drinkers who live an active lifestyle, Uphill provides packaging that reflects imagery that resonates with the audience. Because the parking uses natural colouring imagery, it's likely to appeal to customers who appreciate the outdoors.

Some of the things Uphill's can design well are:

  • Using contrast to draw attention to the brand name (e.g., orange logo set against a pale turquoise background) 
  • Visual storytelling (e.g. the image of a hiker and dog adventuring) 
  • Showcasing product purity (e.g., 100% Vegan, no added sugar, natural energy from natural caffeine)


For your specialty coffee drinkers who appreciate ready-to-drink coffee, Wishbone provides ultra premium packaging, conveying quality. Because the packaging uses a familiar product, a flask, unexpectedly, consumers will remember the brand and potentially be persuaded to purchase the unique product.

Some of the things that Wishbone’s packaging does well are:

  • Using colour to permumize the product (e.g., the silver of polished steel) 
  • Minimizing the prominence of the typography, keeping attention on the unique packaging materials
  • Differentiating products by varying colour usage, not packaging design.

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