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"Mackenzie is one person, but she fills the job of an entire marketing team for us."

Jo Feltman, BuchuVida

"I wish I could just put Mackenzie in my pocket and carry her around with me at work"

Shell Singal, Tea Bazaar

"There's just so much I can say about Mackenzie and her wonderful work in tea marketing."

Sierra Joseph-Quon, The Tea Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain Steeped Content's pricing structure?
Steeped Content's pricing structure allows clients to choose the option that best fits their needs and budget. Rates reward those who invest in their digital marketing. Steeped Content's standard hourly rate of USD 100 applies to those who don't have a contract and want something beyond Steeped Content's defined services. Steeped Contnet's fixed-price deliverable services use an hourly rate of USD 75. Service prices reflect the time taken to complete the task. Contracts offer you the best pricing, a USD 50 hourly rate. Contracts require a minimum commitment of 20 hours per month for six months. The pricing structure allows clients to choose the option that best fits their needs and budget.
How can I engage your services?

You have three options for engaging Steeped Content's services:

  • Use Steeped Content's hourly rate for custom projects (e.g., redesigning your tea or coffee website) to get ultimate flexibility.

  • Cherry-pick the services you need. Because this option consists of fixed-price services with fixed-deliverables, you can feel confident in what you will get.

  • Engage in a monthly retainer. This option works well for companies that stabilize their marketing efforts, ensuring reoccurring tasks are done each month (e.g., blog posts, link building, campaign optimization for Facebook and Google Ads).

“I would recommend her to anyone in the tea industry.”

"Mackenzie truly goes above and beyond to make sure you benefit from her marketing and tea expertise, and I would recommend her to anyone in the tea industry."

Sierra's Joseph-Quon, Owner of The Tea Practitioner
What is content marketing, and how does investing in it benefit my business?

Content marketing creates and shares online material that does not explicitly promote your brand but rather stimulates interest in your products or services.

Content marketing can take many forms, such as videos, blogs, infographics, and social media posts. Aligning your content marketing with your target segment can improve your website's visibility, traffic, and sales.

Even small investments in carefully crafted content can drive better ROI from scarce marketing funds. In general, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

How does content marketing fit into the broader digital marketing landscape?

Digital marketing is complex and has many dimensions. Brands spend time and money trying to leverage it effectively.

Digital marketing uses the internet or mobile devices to promote products or services; it uses social media, search engines, display advertising, and other channels to reach consumers.

People tend to view digital marketing through the lens of categories (e.g., pay-per-click advertising), channels (e.g., email), or platforms (e.g., Instagram).

Such lenses make it easier to set tactical goals. But connecting each dimension of digital marketing in a cohesive experience can become challenging.

Content marketing addresses the need for cohesion. You align your marketing efforts around specific goals and objectives. To meet your goals and objectives, you create and share particular material (e.g., images, blogs, videos, podcasts, newsletters).

The creation and distribution of content fall into four categories:

  • Owned media (e.g., your website, email list)

  • Earned media (e.g., search engine optimization, digital PR)

  • Paid media (e.g., pay-per-click advertising)

  • Shared media (e.g., social media marketing)

Brands can construct a clear, comprehensive path to their goal by focusing on media type (e.g., images, blogs, videos, podcasts, newsletters) and category (i.e., owned, earned, paid, shared).

What are the essential content marketing building blocks?

Constructing effective content marketing requires "different building blocks." You need five foundational building blocks - blogs, infographics, videos, email newsletters, and podcasts.

  • Blogs, or articles, are the standard building blocks of web content. Topics covered may be timely or evergreen, which determines their longevity.

  • Infographics are visual assets; they are easy to embed, scan, and share. Infographics can increase traffic and links and improve user experience.

  • Video is the most compelling content format; it's effective at driving conversions. Videos should show expertise, build trust, and tell stories.

  • Email newsletters are outbound content, and they should always link to blog posts. Contacting people by email requires trust, enticement, and care.

  • Podcasts are content distilled into audio form. They are often more powerful than text-based content but less potent than video.

Great content is a versatile building block for your business, and it can transform from one form to another.

Do you write for clients other than tea and coffee companies?

Yes, you can use my digital and content marketing services if you're not in the tea or coffee industry.

Some of my experience includes serving IT companies, tree care businesses, and professional service providers.

Because I have successfully served a wide range of businesses, you can feel confident I can help you, too.

“Captures what our organization is about”

"Mackenzie creates content that captures what our organization is about better than anyone ever has before."

Matt Dryfhout, CEO & Founder Scout Technology Guides
Why do tea companies need to focus on marketing their products?

The tea industry is competitive, so you must focus on marketing to execute your business strategy.

For example, a tea company may use a focused differentiation business strategy to distinguish the unique and valuable aspects of their product offering within specific segments (e.g., tea drinkers who enjoy Indian tea).

Your marketing must bring this strategy to life. Some of the marketing activities you could take include:

  • Getting people interested in Indian tea to your website by writing blog posts

  • Building product affinity by publishing enticing social media posts

  • Putting your brand into potential customer's consideration set when they are most interested in your product (e.g., Set up a Google search ad to run whenever someone searches for "single original Indian tea."

  • Differentiating your products by running Facebook ads explaining what makes Indian teas unique.

Each tea company can benefit from investing in marketing. The tea industry can also benefit from a collective focus on marketing.

  • The more tea companies premiumizing their tea products through marketing, the easier higher price anchoring becomes for individual actors.

  • If the industry positions tea as a superior substitute for coffee, the tea market may grow, benefiting all tea businesses.

“We need to create a role for marketing”

"We need to create a role for marketing that creates a desire on the part of people to enjoy finer quality tea."

Dan Bolton, Editor and Producer at Tea Journey and Tea Biz

How Steeped Content Builds Your Revenue

1. Help You Get Found Online

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) help you get found online.

"Mackenzie's optimizations created a 30% increase in organic traffic to my blog post."

Dan Bolton, Tea Journey

"Mackenzie wrote a great educational article to help consumers discover our products."

Philip Feltman, BuchuVida

“I love the social media posts Mackenzie created; they build curiosity"

Dan Bolton, Tea Biz

"Her Instagram posts help differentiate Nepal Tea in the market."

Nishchal Banskota, Founder Nepal Tea

2. Grow Your Audience

Expand your customer base using social media and email marketing to grow your audience.

3. Sell More Products

Sell more products using pay-per-click advertising, promotional emails, and optimized product pages.

“She achieved a cost per click (CPC) of $0.02 for my Facebook campaign"

Dan Bolton, Tea Biz

“Getting Steeped Content to make a sales sequence drove revenue, and reduced the number of tasks on my plate."

Jo Feltman, BuchuVida

Grow Your Tea Or Coffee Business

"Mackenzie instantly understood my business's strengths, shortcomings, and opportunities during my free consultation. I liked how she spoke, and I liked how she listened. She's someone I want to work with."

Amy Dubin-Nath,

Owner, Janam Indian Tea

Success Stories

Marketing Strategy

"The work Mackenzie did for NEMI's marketing strategy improved our marketing; we refined our approach and product offering."

Pranav Chopra, NEMI Teas

Digital Marketing Strategy

"I was on cloud nine reading the digital marketing strategy Mackenzie delivered. Amazing value."

Shell Singal, Tea Bazaar

Content Marketing Strategy

"I now produce more of the content proven to work for my tea business."

Sierra Joseph-Quon, The Tea Practitioner

Educational Blog Post

"Steeped Content's educational article became Tea Journey magazine's top-performing article; traffic to the blog post increased by 70%."

Dan Bolton, Tea Journey Magazine

On-Page SEO

"Mackenzie's on-page optimizations increased my organic traffic by 37%"

Nicole Wilson, Tea For Me Please

Google Business (GMB) Set Up

"Mackenzie knocked it out of the park; she optimized my Google Business Profile with meticulous attention to detail."

Jo Feltman, BuchuVida

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