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A photo of Mackenzie Bailey, the founder of Steeped Content, holding tea. Mackenzie Bailey specializes in digital and content marketing.


I combine my professional background in digital marketing with my deep knowledge of tea and offer digital and content marketing solutions to tea businesses. 


Steeped Content began when a passion for tea encountered an untapped opportunity, and overcame the barrier of imperfect execution.

Steeped Content’s story began when I was working at a digital marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada. This experience gave me insight into a specific gap in service delivery.

Those working at marketing agencies have digital marketing expertise yet often lack the precise product or service knowledge from working in the industry. By contrast, clients bring precise product or service knowledge but frequently lack deep digital marketing expertise.

I witnessed first-hand how inefficient this knowledge gap could be. For example, the agency I was with had a tree care company as a client. One of the tasks I was responsible for was writing their blog posts. While I received compliments on my work quality, the tree care company always had certified arborists review the blogs for technical enrichment. This review practice was the status quo; it started before my time at the agency and continued after leaving.

In that instance, digital marketing and content marketing knowledge weren’t enough; deep product and industry knowledge were also needed.

I’m not an arborist, and I’m never going to be an arborist. But I am a tea aficionado.

I asked myself: what transformations could be achieved by drawing on my professional skills in digital marketing and my in-depth knowledge of tea? That question drove me to launch Steeped Content.

My purpose is to offer better marketing solutions to small to medium tea businesses from that day to this. Each day I live that purpose out by transforming the marketing goals of tea companies into reality.

The vision of Steeped Content is an internet filled with an abundance of excellent quality content about tea, in many forms. Steeped Content envisions a world where tea lovers can connect with many thriving, unique tea businesses to experience tea’s remarkable physical and intangible value.

Steeped Content is on a mission to help tea businesses produce marketing as exceptional as the world’s greatest beverage, tea. And hopefully, one day, Steeped Content will achieve its lofty vision.

Until that day comes, however, Steeped Content focuses on our corner of the internet and the tea industry.

For small to medium tea businesses looking to grow their digital marketing, Steeped Content is the freelance service that delivers exceptional digital marketing grounded in in-depth knowledge of tea.

You can achieve strong marketing results at an affordable rate and feel confident knowing your product and tea business is intimately understood. I have a deep knowledge of tea, which, as a TAC Tea Sommelier (expected completion 2021), will be tested and verified by a trusted tea industry association. With an MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation from the UK and experience working for a digital marketing agency, I have the knowledge and practical know-how that exceptional marketing requires. Just like the founders and CEOs of many tea brands, my roots are also in entrepreneurship; so, I understand the goals and constraints you face.

Like many tea businesses, Steeped Content is committed to elevating the tea industry by doing what is right and strengthening the ties that bind the tea community. To that end, Steeped Content offers some of its professional digital and content marketing services to select tea farms and factories, free of charge.

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Tea and Herbal Association of Canada logo. Mackenzie Bailey earned her tea sommelier certification in 2021.

TAC Certified Tea Sommelier
(Expected completion 2021)

Cass Business School logo. Mackenzie Bailey attended Cass, earning her MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation.

MSC Marketing Strategy & Innovation (2018)

University of Victoria logo. Mackenzie Bailey attended UVic, earning her BCom with an entrepreneurship specialization.

BCom, Entrepreneurship Specialization (2015)


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Tea Guild of Canada logo.  Mackenzie Bailey, founder of Steeped Content, is a member of the Tea Guild of Canada.
European Tea Society logo.  Mackenzie Bailey, founder of Steeped Content, is a member of the European Tea Society.