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“I help your tea or coffee business grow with digital marketing.”

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Specialist

Calgary, Canada


Steeped Content’s focus on tea and coffee offers you expertise generalist agencies can’t match

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Steeped Content exists to make marketing as exeptional as tea and coffee.


Specialized marketing services with expertise within the tea and coffee industry.


Transform your company’s marketing.

“Steeped Content began when a passion for tea encountered an untapped opportunity.”

Steeped Content's story began when I was working at a digital marketing agency in Vancouver, Canada. I saw how marketing agencies had digital marketing expertise, yet often lacked deep product expertise within a specific industry.

I witnessed first-hand how inefficient this knowledge gap could be. Sometimes, digital and content marketing knowledge isn't enough; deep product knowledge and industry expertise is also needed.

I asked myself, "What transformations could be achieved by drawing on digital marketing expertise and an in-depth knowledge of tea and coffee?"

That question drove me to launch Steeped Content.

Each day I pursue my purpose by transforming the marketing of tea and coffee companies through my business, Steeped Content.

I envision a beverage market filled with the exceptional marketing of tea and coffee companies. Steeped Content's mission is to help tea and coffee businesses produce marketing as exceptional as the world's two greatest beverages.

Steeped Content's digital marketing services help tea and coffee businesses grow.

Steeped Content is committed to elevating the tea and coffee industry by making marketing accessible. To that end, Steeped Content offers some of its professional digital and content marketing services to select tea farms and factories free of charge.

Serving The Tea And Coffee Industry, And Beyond

We provide you with the following specialized marketing services:

  1. Strategy: marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy, content marketing strategy, and marketing plans
  2. Branding: brand strategy, brand communication strategy and brand identity guidelines
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): on-page SEO, technical SEO, internal link building, and competitor analysis
  4. Business blogging: list-style articles, how-to articles and educational articles
  5. Local SEO: Google My Business (GMB) set up, GMB posts and engagement
  6. Reputation Management: brand mention reporting
  7. Social Media Marketing: social media platform strategy, competitor analysis and social media post development
  8. Facebook Advertising: Facebook targeting campaign, remarketing campaign and Facebook Ad assessment
  9. Link Building: infographic link building, link poaching and broken link building
  10. Email Marketing: welcome sequence, engagement sequence and sales sequence
  11. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC): search ads creation, ad optimization and competitor campaigns
  12. Digital Marketing reporting: social media reporting, website performance reporting and competitor comparison reporting
  13. Podcasting: podcast directory submissions, podcast audiogram stories and posts.

Contributing To The Global Tea And Coffee Community

Steeped Content is committed to elevating the tea and coffee industry. To that end, Steeped Content offers some of its professional services to select tea and coffee farms, free of charge.

“She’s a person of the utmost integrity”

“Mackenzie’s values manifest themselves clearly in her consistent behavior, and she’s a person of the utmost integrity and genuine kindness.”

Braeden Matson-Jones

Senior Digital Strategist , Forge and Smith,

Vancouver, Canada

“The quality of Mackenzie ‘s work is very high”

“The quality of Mackenzie’s work is very high; it meets or exceeds what you would expect from a professional. She applies effort and creativity to the work she produces, which is always clear in the final product. Her passion and knowledge of tea are evident, and she actively participates in the tea community.”

Tina McDonald

Instructor, The Academy of Tea

Toronto, Canada

“Captures what our organization is about”

“Mackenzie creates content that captures what our organization is about better than anyone ever has before.”

Matt Dryfhout

Founder & CEO, Scout Technology Guides

Vancouver, Canada

“Mackenzie truly goes above and beyond”

“Mackenzie truly goes above and beyond to make sure you benefit from her marketing and tea expertise, and I would recommend her to anyone in the tea industry!”

Sierra Joseph-Quon

Owner, The Tea Practitioner

Toronto, Canada

Sharpen Your Marketing By Gaining Insights To Grow Your Business

Make sure you benefit from her marketing and tea expertise!

Sierra Joseph-Quon, Owner of The Tea Practitioner

Benefit From Bite-Sized Marketing Knowledge

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