Transforming digital and content marketing for tea and coffee companies

Mackenzie Bailey

Steeped Content CEO & Founder

Mackenzie Bailey is the Founder and CEO of Steeped Content, a specialized digital marketing business that offers solutions to tea and coffee brands. Fueled by deep industry knowledge, Steeped Content uses real insights to create digital marketing strategies and implement marketing for clients. Mackenzie also hosts the Infused podcast, where she chats with today’s top tea and coffee leaders to share tangible advice and tactics.

Why Start Steeped Content?

Tea and coffee brands have two choices. Build with an in-house marketing team, or work with an agency. The former is often not feasible for small tea and coffee brands, and agencies rarely have deep product expertise in tea and coffee.

Mackenzie started Steeped content to make specialized marketing available to tea and coffee brands, regardless of size.

She noticed that there were five areas where her expertise created value for clients:
1. Product Specific Marketing Essentials
2. Knowing The Market
3. Getting Found Online
4. Connecting With Your Audience
5. Selling More Products

Today, Steeped Content serves clients, delivering live events with Q&A sessions so tea and coffee clients that aren’t clients can access Mackenzie’s expertise and offering pro bono service to tea and coffee producers, so her marketing insights are accessible across the vertical.

A Little More About Mackenzie

Mackenzie Bailey grew up in Kula Lumpur (Malaysia), Moscow (Russia) and Calgary (Canada). She has lived and worked in Ghana, Tanzania and England and travelled to over 45 countries.

Mackenzie graduated from Cass Business School with an MSc in Marketing, Strategy & Innovation, and the University of Victoria with a Bcom. Mackenzie’s also a certified Tea Sommelier.

Mackenzie started her professional career in a boutique digital marketing agency before launching steeped content. She finds ways to market mature products to break through the noise.

Most of her time is spent serving Steeped Content clients, producing blog and LinkedIn posts to equip the tea and coffee industry with marketing expertise, and hosting the Infused podcast. In her free time, Mackenzie drinks tea, coffee and scotch, she also enjoys gardening, two-stepping, and slalom water skiing in summer. She resides in Calgary with her cat Munchkin and enjoys travelling.

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