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Company Description


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Speaker Profile

Mackenzie Bailey

CEO and Founder

Mackenzie Bailey is the founder of Steeped Content, a marketing
service provider specializing in the tea and coffee industry.
She shows clients how they can grow their audience and
revenue with marketing while focusing on their business
Her MSc Marketing Strategy and Innovation, BCom, and Tea
Sommelier certification equip her with marketing, business, and
tea knowledge. And, with an agency background, Mackenzie's
proven marketing expertise in industries beyond tea and coffee.
Mackenzie brings integrity, insight, and energy to every event."

“Mackenzie was easily and effectively able to articulate her experience to the room.”

Shell Singal

Founder and President of Tea Bazaar

Mackenzie Bailey's Bio


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Photos of Mackenzie

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“Make sure you benefit from her marketing and tea expertise!”

Sierra Joseph-Quon

Owner of The Tea Practitioner