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Sustainable Tea Packaging

Two-thirds of North Americans prefer eco-friendly brands; sustainable tea brands distinguish themselves in the market.

Packaging is an essential aspect of marketing tea. Tea packaging can capture attention and communicate essential information (e.g., product details, brand value).

This article examines the ten best examples of sustainable tea packaging and explores each brand alphabetically.

  1. Arbor Teas
  2. Bigelow Tea
  3. Choice Organic
  4. Clipper Teas
  5. Honest Tea
  6. Lemon Lily
  7. Pukka
  8. Teapigs
  9. Teatulia
  10. Yogi Tea

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Arbor Teas

For tea lovers who value purity, Arbor Teas provides tea and product packaging that reflects a commitment to consumer and environmental wellbeing. Because all Arbor Teas are USDA Organic, the brand's products are for tea drinkers who value product purity.

Some of the things Arbor Teas’ packaging does well are:

  • Uses copy and trust badges to highlight product purity (e.g., USDA Organic logo, “organic to a tea”)
  • Showcases their commitment to sustainable tea packaging with relevant trust badges (e.g., compost packaging)
  • Using colour (e.g., green) to imply a commitment to the environment

Bigelow Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate environmental responsibility, Bigelow Tea’s commitment to sustainability provides customers with a sense of virtuous responsibility. Because Bigelow Tea’s sustainability commitment shapes its packaging, it’s for customers who want to minimise their environmental footprint.

Some of the things Bigelow Tea packaging does well are:

  • Heavy use of trust badges (e.g., Certified B Corp, Zero Landfill company, Green, Ethical Tea Partnership, “Our tea bags are compostable”, “Our cartons are recyclable”)
  • Positioning the product to meet a customer need (e.g., Vitamin C) and offers a benefit (e.g., healthy immune system)
  • Brand storytelling on the packaging

Choice Organic

For tea lovers who want to create a positive impact with their purchases, Choice Organic provides beautifully packaged teas that benefit people (e.g., Fair Trade, B Corp) and the planet (e.g., USDA Organic, Non-GMO). Because Choice Organic’s packaging uses 100% recycled paperboard and is printed with sustainable vegetable-based inks, it’s perfect for tea drinkers seeking to minimize their environmental impact.

Some of the things Choice Organic tea packaging does well are:

  • Showcases trust badges on the packaging (e.g., USDA Organic)
  • Reinforces product (e.g., white elderflower) name with imagery (e.g., leaves, flowers) shown on a high contrast background
  • Sets flavour expectations (e.g. floral and delicate)

Clipper Teas

Clipper Teas provides tea products and packaging that make customers feel virtuous. Because Clipper Teas packaging communicates the brand’s environmental and social responsibility, customers know how their product purchase leads to positive outcomes.

Some of the things Clipper Teas packaging does well are:

  • Uses trust badges (e.g., Fair Trade, Soil Association)
  • Uses copy to support positioning (e.g., “natural, fair and delicious,” “made with pure, natural ingredients”, and a “clear conscience”)
  • Highlights packaging design sustainability (e.g., “Plant-based biodegradable tea bags”)

Honest Tea

For tea lovers who enjoy ready-to-drink (RTD) tea, Honest Tea provides a wide range of ice tea products. Because of Honest Tea’s sustainability commitment, products use ingredients sourced in a socially and environmentally conscious manner; it’s for customers who value product purity and integrity.

Some of the things Honest Tea packaging does well are:

  • Showcases trust badges on the packaging (e.g., USDA Organic, Fair Trade Certified)
  • Uses images of ingredients on the packaging
  • Prominently states the word “organic” and the product name (e.g., “just green tea”)
  • Honest Tea’s sustainable packaging offers its products in recyclable glass bottles

Lemon Lily

For tea lovers who appreciate product purity, Lemon Lily provides a range of organic tea blends that consumers can enjoy. Because Lemon Lily’s packaging highlights purity (e.g., colours, copy, certifications), it’s for consumers who want to feel good about drinking tea.

Some of the things Lemon Lily packaging does well are:

  • Uses a trust badge (e.g., Canada Organic)
  • Uses colour physiology to suggest product purity (e.g., white is often associated with purity)
  • Reinforces positioning with copy (e.g., “Organic & All Natural Tea”)


For tea lovers who want products they can feel good about purchasing, Pukka provides teabags packaged to communicate environmental responsibility. Because Pukka has attained several third-party certifications (e.g., 1% for the Planet, Organic Soil Association, Fair For Life, Certified B Corp), customers can trust their brand positioning is genuine.

Some of the things Pukka packaging does well are:

  • Tea boxes and envelopes are recyclable, and the teabag is compostable
  • Product names imply a benefit (e.g., cleanse) which is supported by copy (e.g., “A radiant blend of fennel, nettle, and peppermint)
  • Colour, typography, and imagery feel clean, healthful, and modern


For tea lovers who appreciate the convenience of teabags and the taste of loose leaf tea, Teapigs provides an extensive range of tea pyramids. Because Teapigs’ packaging emphasizes sustainability, it’s for customers seeking to minimize their environmental footprint.

Some of the things Teapigs packaging does well are:

  • Communicates a commitment to sustainability (e.g., biodegradable tea bags)
  • Grabbing attention with pops of colour and playful imagery
  • Uses muted colours, visually positioning their packaging as more “natural”


For tea lovers who appreciate brands that commit to sustainability, Teatulia provides a brand that claims environmental stewardship. Because Teatulia’s packaging reinforces this sense of environmental responsibility, it’s for customers seeking eco-friendly premium tea.

Some of the things Teatulia packaging does well are:

  • Implies premium and eco-friendly packaging using wood
  • Showing trust badges (e.g., USDA Organic)
  • Showcases premium purity with copy (e.g., Organic Single Garden Tea)

Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea provides products to tea lovers that value sustainability. Because Yogi Tea’s packaging positions its products and packaging as natural, it’s for customers who prefer virtuous purchases.

Some of the things Yogi Tea packaging does well are:

  • Product names imply a benefit (e.g., Stress Relief), and supporting copy strengthens the claim (e.g., Soothing Serenity blend)
  • Product imagery reflects natural ingredients (e.g., honey and lavender)
  • Showcases trust signals (e.g., Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA Organic)

Ingredients used in Yogi Tea are all sourced from controlled ecological farms; their products are certified organic. Some of Yogi Tea’s products are Rainforest Alliance Certified (e.g., Caramel Apple Spice Slim Life, Chai Rooibos, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, Soothing Caramel Bedtime)

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