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Google Ads Optimization | Tea With Tracie


Tracie of Tea With Tracie is a small business owner specializing in selling high-quality specialty teas. She has been running Google Ads for some time, but she's not getting the desired results. Tracie needs to optimize her Google Ads campaigns to increase her return on investment (ROI).


Tracie wants to improve her Google Ads performance and increase her sales. She needs to optimize her campaigns to ensure her ads appear to her target audience and attract potential customers.


Mackenzie conducted an analysis of Tea With Tracie's Google Ads campaigns. She identified several issues, such as:

  • Poorly performing keywords: Some of Tracie's keywords were not performing well, and they were not driving enough traffic to her website.
  • Low-quality score: Tracie's ads had a low-quality score, negatively impacting their performance.
  • Ineffective ad copy: Tracie's ad copy was ineffective in attracting potential customers.

To optimize Tracie's Google Ads campaigns, Mackenzie took the following steps:

  1. Keyword research: Mackenzie researched and identified new high-performing keywords related to Tracie's specialty teas. She also removed poorly performing keywords.
  2. Ad copy improvement: Mackenzie created new ad copy that was more attractive and engaging to potential customers. The new ad copy highlighted the unique benefits of Tracie's specialty teas and the quality of her products.
  3. Quality score improvement: Mackenzie improved Tracie's ad's quality score by optimizing her landing pages, ad relevance, and click-through rates.


After implementing Mackenzie's optimization strategies, Tea With Tracie saw a significant improvement in its Google Ads performance. Their click-through rate increased, and they received more traffic to their website. Tracie's return on investment also improved, increasing sales and revenue.

Steeped Content helped Tea With Tracie achieve its goals by refining and optimizing campaigns. Tea With Tracie positioned itself for continued success in a competitive market.