This is a photo of a hand-painted bone blue and white teacup, made from bone china. The deep blue of the cup matches Steeped Content's brand colour. The caption above the teacup reads, "Brand Strategy," describing the service page to which this image belongs. Below the teacup, in smaller font, is the word "Strategy." This word refers to the broader service category to which this specific service, brand strategy, belongs.

Brand Strategy

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Brand identity guidelines are short documents that outline logo usage, colour palates, and typography. Our Brand Strategy package is designed to complement your existing brand identity guideline by providing more insight into brand application.

When you purchase the Brand Strategy package, it includes the following features and benefits:

  • Brand Personality, so you know how to convey your brand to customers.
  • Brand Platform Model, articulating your brand identity and positioning.
  • Brand Identity Prism, allowing you to visualize the touchpoints, relationships and intangible value your brand brings to customers.
  • Brand Voice Guidelines, specifying how to speak and write in a consistent voice.