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Best Tea Packaging

  1. Blume
  2. Celestial Seasonings
  3. Cha Cha Matcha
  4. Harney & Sons
  5. Kusmi Tea
  6. La Fidelia
  7. Malou Tea Atelier
  8. Mariage Freres
  9. Mei Leaf
  10. Melez Tea
  11. Mighty Leaf
  12. Niche Tea
  13. Poet Tea
  14. Ripple Effect Tea
  15. Sloane
  16. T2 Tea
  17. Taylors of Harrogate
  18. Tazo
  19. Tea Forte
  20. Teabox
  21. Tealeaves
  22. Tesis Tea
  23. Tetley
  24. TWG
  25. Twinings
  26. Whistle Blower Tea Co.
  27. Whittard
  28. Wise Ape Tea


For tea lovers who appreciate simplicity, Blume offers simple feminine packaging. Blume's packaging balances playfulness with polished type, making it perfect for customers seeking youthful elegance.

Things Blume packaging does well:

  • Connecting with their audience through color and font
  • Using distinguishers (e.g., vegan)
  • Creating an elegant design on affordable packaging

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Celestial Seasonings

For tea lovers who appreciate beauty and comfort, Celestial Seasonings provides custom images that reinforce the features and benefits of their tea products. Celestial Seasonings' packaging emphasizes unique artwork blends, resonating with customers that appreciate visual storytelling.

Things Celestial Seasonings packaging does well:

  • Visual storytelling, reinforcing the product positioning with imagery
  • Product name communicates a benefit (e.g., sleep)
  • Packaging shows relevant product features (e.g., caffeine-free)

Cha Cha Matcha

Cha Cha Matcha provides stunning packaging for matcha lovers who appreciate ready-to-drink tea. Because Cha Cha Matcha's packaging features a tall, lean can and an elegant pastel color gradient, it resonates with customers with an appreciation for feminine branding.

Things Cha Cha Matcha packaging does well:

  • Prominent brand name
  • Connects with their audience through color and font
  • Creating an elegant and unique design

Harney & Sons

For tea lovers who appreciate a sense of tradition, Harney & Sons provides premium loose leaf tea that feels polished. Because Harney & Sons packaging uses patterns and motifs that feel historical, it's for tea lovers that appreciate an established brand.

Things Harney & Sons packaging does well:

  • Prominent brand and product name
  • Packaging visually differentiates one product from another
  • Design enhances tradition, elegance, and brand heritage

Kusmi Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate conspicuous consumption Kusmi Tea offers vibrant packaging that draws attention to the product. Because Kusmi Tea's packaging relies on contrast and color, it appeals to customers who value prestige.

Things Kusmi packaging does well:

  • Uses color to capture customer’s attention
  • Uses contrast to direct attention to the brand and product name
  • Communicates product differentiators (e.g., organic)

La Fidelia

La Fidelia strikes a balance between a clean, modern design and playful intricacy and resonates with tea lovers who appreciate beauty. Because La Fidelia's packaging has a "European" feel, it appeals to customers seeking to showcase cultural capital.

Things La Fidelia packaging does well:

  • Prominent branding
  • Visual storytelling with images that feel like old fairy tales inspired them
  • Uses color and detail to capture the attention

Malou Tea Atelier

For ready-to-drink (RTD) tea drinkers who appreciate premium products, Malou Tea Atelier provides packaging that differentiates some of Malou's products in the tea market. Because Malou Tea Atelier's packaging is visually similar to packaging used for other premium products, it may resonate with customers with a "gut feel" for quality.

Things Malou Tea Atelier packaging does well:

  • Designs mirror other product categories (e.g., "Cold Bottled Tea" resembles packaging used for whiskey)
  • Invites a deeper brand relationship (e.g., including website URL on packaging)
  • Builds brand heritage (e.g., "We blend our own tea since 2014")

Mariage Freres

For tea lovers who value prestige, Mariage Freres provides packaging that highlights the brands' longevity and premium products. Because Mariage Freres's packaging has a distinctly "French '' feel, it may resonate with customers seeking to show cultural capital.

Things Mariage Freres packaging does well:

  • Capitalizes on brand origin (e.g., French)
  • Showcases brand heritage (e.g., the company dates back to 1854, traditional label design)
  • Uses contrast to place most attention on the brand

Mei Leaf

For lovers of tea cakes who appreciate the artistry, Mei Leaf provides packaging that sparks curiosity and distinguishes between different teacakes. Because Mei Leaf's packaging uses images that often visually explore the product name, it may appeal particularly to customers who appreciate thoughtful symbolism.

Things Mei Leaf tea cake packaging does well:

  • Uses visuals to reinforce product name
  • Uses imagery that entices curiosity for product taste
  • Communicates product information (e.g., Lincang Shu PuErh 2018)

Melez Tea

For tea lovers who want something unique, Melez Tea's loose tea packaging uses glass. Because Melez Tea's packaging allows customers to see the tea inside, it attracts customers who prefer to examine products before purchasing.

Things Melez Tea packaging does well:

  • Uses a clean, elegant design to make affordable packaging look premium
  • Uses color and a custom brand pattern to capture the attention
  • Attaches intangible benefits to the product (e.g., naming a product Indulge)

Mighty Leaf

For tea lovers who want a straightforward purchasing experience, Mighty Leaf provides packaging that describes and showcases the tea product. Because Mighty Leaf's packaging highlights product quality and convenience, it's for customers who don't want to compromise.

Things Mighty Leaf packaging does well:

  • Has a clear brand and product name
  • Communicates tea type (e.g., black) and product attributes (e.g., caffeine, whole leaf tea)
  • Uses imagery to showcase product (e.g., a mug of black tea)

Niche Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate artisanal products, Niche Tea offers packaging that reinforces the customer's perception of bespoke tea blends. Because Niche Tea's packaging also features bold custom patterns, it may appeal to customers who appreciate craftsmanship.

Things Niche tea packaging does well:

  • Uses bold custom colors to capture customers attention
  • Suggests a benefit with the product name (e.g., Sleep)
  • Differentiates tea blends with custom packaging and supporting copy (e.g., crafted uniquely, blended beautifully)

Poet Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate evolving design, Poet Tea's packaging is simple, punctuated with a pop of color. Because Poet Tea also offers a head nod to traditional tea packaging, while still feeling distinctly modern, it may particularly appeal to customers interested in merging the past and present.

Things Poet packaging does well:

  • Uses contrast to drive attention to the branding
  • Uses elegant, differentiated tins to premiumize the product
  • Communicates a product differentiator (e.g., organic) on the packaging

Ripple Effect Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate minimalist packaging, Ripple Effect Tea offers a contemporary packaging design, placing the brand's tea as its focus. Because Ripple Effect Tea's packaging has a clean look, it resonates with customers seeking contemporary products.

Things Ripple Effect Tea packaging does well:

  • Prominent brand name
  • Offers a product promise (e.g., "nourishing and memorable")
  • Clean packaging design draws attention to the ingredients used


For tea lovers who appreciate feminine luxury, Sloane provides elegant packaging. Because Sloane's packaging also alludes to a brand heritage, it's for customers who appreciate the aesthetics of a traditional tea brand.

Things Sloane packaging does well:

  • Implies brand heritage (e.g., the two elephants and crown feel British)
  • Sets taste expectations (e.g., black tea packaging describes a product as "creamy, velvety black tea")
  • Uses branded tins to premiumize their products

T2 Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate innovation, T2 Tea provides packaging with a distinctly modern feel. Because T2 Tea's packaging uses vibrant packaging and a large font, it resonates with customers seeking something different.

Things T2 Tea packaging does well:

  • Use of unconventional color to capture attention (e.g., orange)
  • Prominently displays brand name
  • Use of bold patterns to differentiate seasonal products

Taylors of Harrogate

For tea lovers who appreciate approachable luxury, Taylors of Harrogate provides packaging that draws attention to their product. Because Taylors of Harrogate's packaging strikes a balance between established, modern, and playful, its packaging is accessible to a range of customers.

Things Taylors of Harrogate packaging does well:

  • Uses trust signals to build brand heritage (e.g., Since 1886, by appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales)
  • Uses contrast to draw attention to the product (e.g., yellow and black)
  • Sets product expectations (e.g., zesty and warming, 20 individually wrapped and tagged teabags)


For tea lovers who appreciate accessibility, Tazo provides a clean, clear packaging design. Because Tazo's packaging links imagery to the tea's product name, it's for customers who appreciate straightforward packaging that simplifies their purchasing decision.

Things Tazo packaging does well:

  • Reinforces product executions with imagery (e.g., bold, beautiful images of the ingredients of the tea)
  • Prominent brand name
  • Descriptive product names (e.g., Zen) with supporting copy (e.g., invigorate with green tea, bright lemongrass, and crisp spearmint)

Tea Forte

Tea Forte provides packaging that combines premium materials and soft pastel colors and is for tea lovers who value feminine luxury. Because Tea Forte's packaging emphasizes the tea drinking experience, it's for customers seeking everyday luxury.

Things Tea Forte packaging does well:

  • Premiumizes their product with stunning tea pyramids
  • Sets product expectations with the imagery used on the outer packaging
  • Showcases teas visually with images inside the box


For tea lovers who appreciate premium products, Teabox uses a bold typeface and minimalist packaging, highlighting the unique nature of their products. Because Teabox's packaging has a contemporary feel, it's for customers seeking modern luxury.

Things Teabox packaging does well:

  • Use of prominent product names that imply a benefit (e.g., Serenity)
  • Noticeable branding (e.g., logo on lower right corner)
  • Elegant, differentiated packaging for premium products


Tealeaves provides packaging enriched with custom artwork for tea lovers who appreciate craftsmanship. Because Tealeaves's packaging has an elegant premium feel, it's for customers who appreciate a sense of product distinction.

Things Tealeaves packaging does well:

  • Prominent branding
  • Use of consistent custom imagery to symbolize their product, and reinforce its name (e.g., a watercolor dragon for "Emperor's Jasmine").
  • Communicates tea type (e.g. White tea)

Tesis Tea

Tesis Tea has clean, minimalist packaging for tea lovers who appreciate premium products. Because Tesis Tea's packaging has a "Japanese" feel to it, it's for customers who appreciate “exotic” luxurious tea.

Things Tesis Tea packaging does well:

  • Uses simplicity to position their products as modern (e.g., clean, minimalist packaging)
  • Alludes to the product's origin with subtly inky imagery
  • Contains preparation instructions (e.g., 3 min, 75 celsius)
  • Packaging style is similar to other luxury import beverages


Tetley provides timeless packaging for tea lovers who appreciate accessible branding that makes their products feel highly approachable. Because Tetley's packaging emphasizes the brand and tea infusion, it assures consumers they can trust the product.

Things Tetley packaging does well:

  • Uses bold colors to capture the customer’s attention
  • Highly prominent logo and brand name
  • Sets product expectation with a large image of the beverage
  • Showcases trust seals (e.g., Rainforest Alliance)


TWG provides premium packaging and brand heritage for tea lovers who value luxury, endowing its products with high intangible value. Because TWG offers premium tea bag packaging, it appeals to customers seeking luxury and convenience.

Things TWG packaging does well:

  • Premium tea bags with luxurious boxing
  • Communicates brand heritage (e.g., Since 1837, uses a traditional design style)
  • Prominent logo


For tea lovers who appreciate enduring brands, Twinings provides packaging that shows the brand's rich heritage and assures its relevance today. Because Twinings's packaging adapts to tea bags and loose leaf tea, its products feel relevant to a range of customers.

Things Twinings packaging does well:

  • Showcases brand heritage (e.g., By appointment of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, since 1706)
  • Prominent display of brand and product name
  • Sets product expectations (e.g., aromatic black tea blend, scented with citrus bergamot flavor)

Whistle Blower Tea Co.

For tea lovers who appreciate contemporary branding, Whistle Blower Tea offers minimalist aesthetic packaging. Because Whistle Blower Tea's packaging has a discreetly feminine feel, it's for customers seeking a product that feels modern and elegant.

Things Whistle Blower Tea Co. packaging does well:

  • Encourages engagement (e.g., readers must fill in the blanks)
  • Premiumizes the product with a clean, elegant design
  • Sets product expectations (e.g., elegant and mellow)


Whittard provides tea packaging that offers tradition and luxury for tea lovers who appreciate tradition. Because Whittard's packaging has a "British'' feel, it's for customers seeking to appreciate a premium English tea brand.

Things Whittard packaging does well:

  • Uses imagery to reinforce product name
  • Premiumizes the product with traditional packaging and highlights the region and year of origin (e.g., Chelsea, 1886)
  • Contextualizes their product (e.g., "Take this tea on the village green")

Wise Ape Tea

For tea lovers who appreciate contemporary branding, Wise Ape Tea provides packaging that appeals to a hipster crowd. Because Wise Ape Tea's packaging has unique imagery, it's for customers seeking a tea brand that sets itself apart from the crowd.

Things Wise Ape Tea packaging does well:

  • Uses unique imagery and brand name to spark curiosity
  • Prominent product name
  • Implies product benefits (e.g., focus, energy, clarity)

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