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Best Tea Websites

  1. Adagio Teas
  2. Amoda Tea
  3. Camellia Sinensis
  5. Firebelly Tea
  6. Genuine Tea
  7. Harney & Sons
  8. Ikaati
  9. Matcha Kari
  10. Mighty Leaf
  11. Millennia Tea
  12. O5 Rare Tea
  13. Palais Des Thés
  14. Pique Tea
  15. Sloane Tea
  16. Stash Tea
  17. T2
  18. Tea Leaves
  19. Teapigs
  20. Tease Tea
  21. TWG Tea
  22. Whittard

Adagio Teas

For website visitors who value an immersive e-commerce experience, the Adagio website enables visitors to discover a range of products quickly. Because Adagio Tea's homepage facilitates quick product discovery, visitors can quickly become customers.

Things the Adagio Teas website does well:

  • Facilitates quick discovery of products (e.g., new, bestselling, and best-reviewed)
  • Inspires trust in product quality with tea scores
  • Highlights value by displaying a price per cup metric (e.g., 36 cents per cup)

Amoda Tea

For website visitors who want to understand a brand's product line clearly, Amoda Tea's website positions its products. Because Amoda Tea's website highlights benefits and social proof, visitors are likely to trust the website's positioning.

Things the Amoda Tea website does well:

  • Prominent value proposition (e.g., drinkable wellness)
  • Clear, unique selling points (e.g., pure ingredients, mindful sourcing)
  • Social proof (e.g., reviews)

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Camellia Sinensis

For website visitors who appreciate polished appearances, the Camellia Sinensis website provides a tasteful, refined impression on the visitor. Camellia Sinensis emphasizes elegant product photography, immersing visitors in the quality of their product line.

Things the Camellia Sinensis website does well:

  • Hero images show products prominently
  • Highlighting the different tea types (e.g., white, yellow, green)
  • Prominently showcasing blog content


For website visitors who want a guided shopping experience, the DAVIDsTEA website pulls visitors into their product line. The DAVIDsTEA is visually vibrant and encourages visitors to engage with different products and become customers.

Things the DAVIDsTEA website does well:

  • Animated illustrations to capture the attention
  • Displaying relevant offers (e.g., seasonal sales)
  • Showcasing relevant, actionable content (e.g., how to make tea pop, how to make bubble tea)

Firebelly Tea

For website visitors who want to quickly "get a feel" for a brand, Firebelly Tea's website positions its brand effectively. Because Firebelly Tea's website effectively names products, website visitors can quickly form product expectations.

Things the Firebelly Tea website does well:

  • Offer interactive product suggestions (e.g., energy)
  • Use media to introduce the brand (e.g., brand video)
  • Take a stance (e.g., "No Fake Flavour")

Genuine Tea

The Genuine Tea website immediately exposes visitors to their product line on their homepage, making it a great website for those who are ready to purchase. Genuine Tea emphasizes individual teas and bundles, tailoring to differences in visitors' willingness to spend.

Things the Genuine Tea website does well:

  • Gamification (e.g., spin to win email sign up)
  • Encourages word of mouth (e.g., earn $10 by referring a friend)
  • Encourages upselling with bundles (e.g., tea for one bundle)

Harney & Sons

For website visitors who want to feel connected to a tea company, the Harney & Sons website encourages visitors to build relationships with the brand. Harney & Sons emphasizes products and points of connection, so visitors grow attached to the brand.

Things the Harney & Sons website does well:

  • Expanding touchpoints with consumers by asking people to opt-in to notifications (e.g., "Get Alerted on New Flavors and Upcoming Promotions")
  • Showcasing the company story
  • Providing reasons to purchase products from the website (e.g., 1% for the planet, quality guarantee, made in the USA, free domestic shipping)


For those who appreciate aesthetics, the Ikaati website provides stunning photos, enticing website visitors. The Ikaati emphasizes images that reflect the look and feel of their different product collections, so visitors feel connected to their products.

Things the Ikaati website does well:

  • Uses imagery to embody products (e.g., Heritage Collection)
  • Uses visual storytelling to give contextual product shots (e.g., Savor Collection)
  • Creates a sense of craftsmanship and sensuality (e.g., Individually hand-tied, made to delight your senses)

Matcha Kari

The Matcha Kari website provides a clean, compelling user experience for website visitors who appreciate focus. The Matcha Kari emphasizes credibility, so visitors are more likely to trust and purchase their premium products.

Things the Matcha Kari website does well:

  • Builds brand touchpoints (e.g., subscribe to get updates on our new products and exclusive promotions)
  • Uses social proof (e.g., as seen in logos, reviews)
  • Showcases relevant content (e.g., “How to Make A Proper Bowl Of Japanese Green Tea”)

Mighty Leaf

For website visitors who want to buy tea online, the Mighty Leaf website provides reasons to purchase products from them. The Mighty Leaf website motivates visitors to buy by showcasing their products while emphasizing clear, strong reasons to purchase.

Things the Mighty Leaf website does well:

  • Prominently persuades visitors to spend (e.g., Free Shipping on Orders $70+ CAD, and USD $79, Buy one, Get one 20% Off)
  • Showcases new products (e.g., Organic Matcha Singles)
  • Encourages large purchases by highlighting product bundles on the homepage

Millennia Tea

For website visitors who value health, the Millennia Tea website uses color, images, and copy to align their products with their consumers' value on health. The Millennia Tea website emphasizes how their product is different and beneficial, so website visitors are educated and inspired to try their products.

Things the Millennia Tea website does well:

  • Prominent differentiator (e.g., The world's only un-dried tea)
  • Communicates their products' role in consumers lives (e.g., Frozen superfood antioxidants)
  • Highlights beneficial features of their products (e.g., L-theanine for focus)

O5 Rare Tea

For website visitors who appreciate premium products, the O5 Rare Tea website uses visual storytelling to give visitors a sense of luxury, tradition, and authenticity. The O5 Rare Tea emphasizes context and quality, so visitors feel the company provides singular and exceptional teas.

Things the O5 Rare Tea website does well:

  • Highlighting product origin (e.g., an image of someone plucking tea)
  • Showcasing superior product quality (e.g., vibrantly green matcha)
  • Evoking a sense of craftsmanship (e.g., hand-made teaware, photos of artful tea preparation)

Palais Des Thés

For website visitors looking to purchase tea, the Palais Des Thés website offers product recommendations and sets quality expectations. Palais Des Thés provides compelling reasons to believe quality claims, so visitors feel inspired to purchase.

Things the Palais Des Thés website does well:

  • Premiumization through the brand origin (e.g., Paris)
  • Immediately sets customer expectations (e.g., Savor the best of tea)
  • Relevant product recommendations (e.g., showcasing seasons teas, showcasing best seller teas)

Pique Tea

The Pique Tea website highlights clear use cases demonstrating the value of their products to website visitors. Pique Tea emphasizes product benefits, so visitors can see the advantage of incorporating the brand's products into their lives.

Things the Pique Tea website does well:

  • Building trust (e.g., money-back guarantee, 15000+ five star reviews)
  • Positioning their products as innovative (e.g., "the world's most powerful superfoods extracted via cutting-edge science)
  • Highlighting product benefits (e.g., immune support, digestion, radiant skin, energy)

Sloane Tea

Website visitors get a clear feel for Sloane Tea because the brand effectively uses images to give visitors a clear sense of their products. Sloane Tea relies more on pictures than text when communicating with visitors, so they can grow attached to the brand without feeling overwhelmed by too much text.

Things the Sloane Tea website does well:

  • Uses a simple hero image to direct visitors attention to specific products (e.g., seasonal products)
  • Effectively uses imagery to reinforce product features (e.g., a picture of the brand's tea tins is paired with the text "Sloane Signature Caddy Tea tins are filled with whole leaf loose leaf tea, sealed with an airtight plug and lid to maintain freshness.”)
  • Showcases educational content to visitors (e.g., Tea 101, Ice Tea Steep Guide)

Stash Tea

The Stash Tea website personifies their tea with remarkable skill, encouraging website visitors to feel connected to a brand. Stash Tea emphasizes its brand personality with such skill that visitors feel they "know" the company and its products.

Things the Stash Tea website does well:

  • Virtue signaling (e.g., Stash is proud to be B Corp certified)
  • Actively increasing order value with product bundles
  • Personifying products (e.g., A little bag of crazy)

T2 Tea

For website visitors who appreciate a sense of excitement, the T2 website captures a sense of motion and vibrancy in its imagery. The T2 website emphasizes tea, a conventional product, in unconventional ways, so visitors view the brand as vibrant and exciting.

Things the T2 website does well:

  • Capturing attention with a bold hero image.
  • Highlighting payment options (e.g., Now you can pay with Klarna - split your purchase into four interest-free payments)
  • Creating opportunities for easy product discovery (e.g., Shop by category, Curated for you)

Tea Leaves

For website visitors who want an impressive experience, the Tea Leaves website engages visitors with a masterful mix of imagery (e.g., photos, animation) and products. The Tea Leaves website creates an experience for visitors, so those who come to their website are engaged.

Things the Tea Leaves website does well:

  • Capturing attention with animated hero videos
  • Using social proof (e.g., As seen in, reviews)
  • Prominently showcasing relevant products (e.g., seasonal products)


The Teapigs website showcases icons and packaging that make the brand feel approachable, resonating with visitors who appreciate playfulness. Teapigs emphasizes its products so that the brand feels familiar.

Things the Teapigs website does well:

  • Above the fold hero image, drawing visitors' attention to specific products
  • Product recommendations (e.g., "use our mood-o-meter" - sleepy, hungover, grumpy, adventurous, indulgent, stressed, bloated)
  • Storytelling (e.g., companies origin story)

Tease Tea

The Tease Tea website showcases its premium products for website visitors who appreciate elegance. The Tease Tea website emphasizes tea, packaging, and tea accessories to insert the brand's products in the consideration set.

Things the Tease Tea website does well:

  • Use of social proof (e.g., As seen in, reviews)
  • Product recommendation by use case (e.g., focus, immunity, sleep, calm)
  • Showcasing complementary products (e.g., the smart heated mug)


For website visitors who appreciate premium products, the TWG Tea website showcases luxurious packaging. Because TWG Tea emphasizes the elegant nature of its products, a sense of desire and respect is built for the brand's products.

Things the TWG Tea website does well:

  • Implying product premiumization with stunning packaging
  • Effective use of videos
  • Incentivizing purchases with delivery promises


For website visitors who want recommendations, the Whittard website showcases various products. Because Whittard emphasizes relevant products, visitors may be more likely to purchase.

Things the Whittard website does well:

  • Showcasing products (e.g., seasonal products, customer's favorites)
  • Highlighting the content (e.g., how to use coffee bags)
  • Inspiring customer trust (e.g., taste guarantee, refer a friend)

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