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Coffee Blogs

For those looking for the best coffee bloggers, this article highlights the 10 best blogs run by coffee lovers. The best coffee company blogs are discussed separately.

Coffee blogs are discussed in alphabetical order:

  1. Coffee Companion
  2. Coffee Stylish
  3. Craft Coffee Guru
  4. From Coffee With Love
  5. I Need Coffee
  6. Il Cappuccino Express
  7. Manual Coffee Brewing
  8. Scott Rao
  9. The Coffee Chronicler
  10. The Coffeetographer

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Coffee Companion

For coffee lovers who appreciate relatable content, Coffee Companion website provides casual discussions on a range of topics related to coffee. Because the Coffee Companion blog publishes review content, opinion articles, and more, it’s good for those seeking a unique perspective.

Topics covered include:

  • Product recommendations (e.g., Corey Vacuum Brewer, Sowden SoftBrew)
  • Opinion pieces on variables impacting product quality (e.g.,Cook's Illustrated Coffee Brewer Review: Are Their Results Credible?)
  • Exploratory articles (e.g., Coffee Behind Bars)

Coffee Stylish

For coffee lovers who want accessible information, Coffee Stylish provides content on making great coffee at home, while saving money and improving your at-home coffee experience. Because this coffee connoisseur blog produces actionable content (and offers resource guides), it’s good for those seeking knowledge they can implement into an approachable coffee lifestyle.

Topics covered include:

  • Guides to help visitors purchase the best coffee products (e.g., “Which Keurig Is The Best And How To Choose The Right One For You”)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (e.g., “How Much Coffee Per Cup – Coffee To Water Ratio”)
  • Coffee Recipes (e.g., “30 Easy Coffee Recipes For Any Occasion”)

Craft Coffee Guru

For coffee lovers who appreciate specialty coffee, Craft Coffee Guru provides content that educates readers on the conceptual and practical dimensions of specialty coffee. Because Craft Coffee Guru covers topics of abstract and concrete value, it’s great for readers appreciating a range of coffee topics.

Topics covered include:

  • Conceptual and historical topics (e.g., “What Is Terroir and How Does It Affect Coffee?”, “The Surprising History of Cold Brew Coffee”)
  • Actionable brewing techniques (e.g., “How to Make Coffee With a Chemex”)
  • Reviewing the best coffee products (e.g., “The Best Coffee Grinders of 2021: Manual and Electric”)

From Coffee With Love

For coffee lovers who appreciate context on coffee, From Coffee With Love provides a variety of information on how coffee comes to be, and other topics. Because the From Coffee With Love blog produces content about coffee culture, production, and jargon, it’s good for those seeking to immerse themselves in the coffee world.

Topics covered include:

  • Coffee culture and history (e.g., “A Short History Of The Origin Of Coffee, A Simple Guide To Coffee Around The World”)
  • Coffee production (e.g., “A Simple Guide To Coffee Processing And Roasting”)
  • Jargon (e.g., “Coffee Lingo”)

I Need Coffee

For coffee drinkers who want to expand coffee's presence in their lives, I Need Coffee provides content that improves your consumption of coffee. Because I Need Coffee blog posts focus on brewing techniques and equipment, it's a great blog for those who are reasonably new to the coffee experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Coffee recipe blog posts (e.g., “Coffee Pancakes”, “Homemade Coffee Ice Cream Recipe”)
  • Coffee Brewing Guide (e.g., “Toddy Coffee Maker”, “Turkish Coffee”, “Vacuum Pot”, “Vietnamese Coffee”)
  • Essential Coffee Gear (e.g., “Automatic Coffee Brewers”, “Cold Coffee Brewers”, “Traditional and Vac-Pot Coffee Brewers”)

Il Cappuccino Express

For coffee lovers who appreciate product recommendations, Il Cappuccino Express’s expertise makes purchasing decisions easier. Because this coffee lovers blog provides a range of coffee recommendations - from beans, gear, and recipes - it's good for those seeking information on a wide range of topics.

Topics covered include:

  • Coffee beans (e.g., “11 Best Organic Coffee Beans That Are Better For You And The Planet”, “8 Best Flavored Coffee Beans: A Healthy & Tasty Sugar-Free Boost”)
  • Product Recommendations (e.g., “20+ Unique Gifts For Coffee Loves in 2021 (Buyers Guide)”)
  • Recipes for the top coffee drinks (e.g., “How to Make Coffee While Camping”, “10 Mouthwatering Iced Coffee Recipes to Try This Summer”)

Manual Coffee Brewing

For coffee lovers who appreciate a hands-on approach to coffee, Brewing Coffee Manually provides content that makes such coffee craftsmanship accessible. Because this specialty coffee blog produces content that guides you through the coffee journey, it’s good for those seeking to learn about manual brewing in a methodical way.

Topics covered include:

  • Brewing coffee manually (e.g., “Brewing Coffee Manually - 6 Tips to Get You Started”, “Getting Started - Drip Brewing 101”, “Cowboy Coffee - The Brewing Guide”)
  • Understanding the importance of selecting your coffee (e.g., “Choosing a Coffee Grinder”, “Green Coffee Explained (In 1,652 Words or Less)”, “Coffee Origins - How Geography Relates to Taste”)
  • Learn, experiment and explore (e.g., “Butter in Coffee - The Tasting Results are in!”, “Kids and Coffee - Challenging the Assumptions”, “What is Cascara? – Exploring Coffee Cherry Tea”, and home coffee roasting blog posts.)

Scott Rao

For coffee lovers who appreciate the art of roasting, Scott Rao provides detailed content on the various dimensions of roasting. Because this coffee roasting blog also produces content on closely related topics such as sourcing, deep expertise that guides you in your roasting, start to finish.

Topics covered include:

  • Roasting (e.g., “Coffee Roasting Fundamentals”, “How to Choose a Roasting Machine”)
  • Green coffee blog content (e.g., “Every Green Buyer’s White Lie”)
  • Events (e.g., “Online All-Levels Roasting Class”)

The Coffee Chronicler

For coffee lovers who appreciate the opinion of a coffee expert, The Coffee Chronicler provides educational content, reviews, and product recommendations. Because this coffee review blog produces content highlighting coffee products on the market, it’s good for those seeking to shape purchasing decisions with a useful opinion.

Topics covered include:

  • Gear and coffee reviews (e.g., “Behind the Hype: In-Depth Review of the DF64 Grinder”, “Taste Bud Suicide: A Review of Death Wish Coffee”)
  • Coffee education (e.g., “Coffee 101: The Fundamentals Of Great Coffee”)
  • Features & Guides (e.g., “Shade-Grown Coffee Could Change the World”, “Cappuccino vs Latte: The Ultimate Guide to Milk-Based Concoctions”)

The Coffeetographer

For coffee lovers who appreciate commentary, The Coffeetographer provides reviews of cafes, coffee products and coffee’s intersection with mainstream culture. Because this coffee shop review blog

produces content that comments on businesses and culture, it’s good for those seeking an urban coffee lifestyle.

Topics covered include:

  • Reviews of coffee shops and cafes (e.g., “On Coffee: Coffee Stops, Coffee Shops, Coffee Stirrers And Becky Chambers’ Tea”, “This Coffee Time: As You Are in Brooklyn, Teen Vogue’s Sub List, Verve Coffee Roasters Coastal Drift”, “Ten Years, Eleven Coffee Shops, And a Few Honorable Mentions”)
  • Coffee’s intersection with mainstream culture (e.g., “The Gift of Vietnamese Coffee”, “Yemeni-Americans Civil Coffee Pursuit”, “Sipping like a Swiftie”)
  • Coffee reviews (e.g., “Coffee: Ethiopia Bensa, Maru Coffee x Sweet Bloom”)

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