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Hourly Rate

For those who need versatility, the hourly rate package gives you freedom and control.

Hourly Rate

You're not like everyone else, so you need something completely unique. 

There are times when a fixed service offering doesn't perfectly align with your unique needs for a specific situation.

If that’s the case, this versatile hourly rate package is for you. You get digital marketing expertise for what you need, when you need it, and for the duration you need it.

Buy Steeped Content’s time now.

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  • Flexibility to buy the hours required to meet your specific needs.

  • Customized hourly package.

“You get ultimate flexibility with Steeped Content's hourly rate. It provides you with a billable structure for your custom marketing projects."

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist



  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how an hourly rate service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use the time in accordance with what was agreed on.

What People Are Saying

"Gets you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are"

"Mackenzie comes up with a clear and concise plan to get you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are, and even helps you understand how to put these plans in place"

Sierra Joseph-Quon,

Owner, The Tea Practitioner

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I’m a tea farm or factory, and I’ve qualified for your 5 hours of work. What’s next?
Is your hourly rate negotiable?
Can I hire you based on a fixed fee for a specific project ?
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jo Feltman
Mackenzie Amplifys BuchuVida And Frees Up My TIme

I want to get the word out about BuchuVida's shop. So Mackenzie quickly created a monthly email newsletter that I could send out (and easily adapt in the coming months). She also designed a nice flyer that I could print out to promote my local business. Both the newsletter and brochure focused on storytelling, educating potential customers on buchu's benefits, and promoting my buchu tea (and other products). This project was nothing major, just another task I could conveniently offload to Mackenzie to free up time to focus on running BuchuVida.

Daniel Bolton
Driving Growth

I'm thrilled with the article 'Driving Growth in the Tea Industry Through Intent-Based Advertising and Experiential Retail' by Mackenzie at Steeped Content. It brilliantly distills the key insights from the 2023 World Tea Expo. The article offers Tea Biz readers a comprehensive view of the industry's evolution.
This article emphasizes the importance of a customer-centric approach and understanding consumer intent. It also highlights the power of intent-based advertising and marketing, experiential retail, and storytelling in creating emotional connections with customers.
Mackenzie's engaging writing style simplifies complex concepts, making them accessible. This article is a valuable resource for tea industry professionals, aligning perfectly with Tea Biz's mission.

Daniel Bolton
Reliable Recovery

Abandoned carts are a concern for every online seller. Magazine subscribers represent high lifetime value. Steeped Content developed a sequence for Tea Biz that builds rapport, communicates urgency effectively, and converts non-buyers with a discount offer. The 'A wonderful little success story' email is my favorite email. It engages Tea Biz's audience, educating them about our brand and establishing authority. Working with Steeped Content on Tea Biz's abandoned cart sequence was great. Mackenzie's expertise was evident from the start. Here's what stood out to me: 1) Copy crafted with precision, 2) Sequence effectively targeted our customers, and 3) Worked to reduce cart abandonment rates significantly. This sequence significantly improved Tea Biz's sales recovery efforts and customer engagement.

Jo Feltman
Mackenzie's Design Work Boosted BuchuVida's Event Interest

Working with Mackenzie from Steeped Content was great. She designed a beautiful brochure and poster for our upcoming wellness retreat. Both pieces were high quality and captured the essence of BuchuVida's event.

I put the brochure(s) and poster in my shop. I noticed that both helped store visitors become interested in and consider attending BuchuVida's retreat. I'm happy with the results

Philip Feltman
Hourly Rate was a great option.

"I recently used Steeped Content's hourly rate service to get Mackenzie to create an events page for BuchuVida, and I am happy with the result.

She did a fantastic job showcasing eight months' worth of events, including BuchuVida's monthly tea parties and weekly Yoga Faith events. Mackenzie created custom images for each event, totaling 43 images. These made the events page come to life.

I love that I can offload anything to her, and she does it for me (making my life easier)."