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Hourly Rate

For those who need versatility, the hourly rate package gives you freedom and control.

Hourly Rate

You're not like everyone else, so you need something completely unique. 

There are times when a fixed service offering doesn't perfectly align with your unique needs for a specific situation.

If that’s the case, this versatile hourly rate package is for you. You get digital marketing expertise for what you need, when you need it, and for the duration you need it.

Buy Steeped Content’s time now.

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  • Flexibility to buy the hours required to meet your specific needs.

  • Customized hourly package.

“You get ultimate flexibility with Steeped Content's hourly rate. It provides you with a billable structure for your custom marketing projects."

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist



  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how an hourly rate service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use the time in accordance with what was agreed on.

What People Are Saying

"Gets you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are"

"Mackenzie comes up with a clear and concise plan to get you set up for whatever your marketing related needs are, and even helps you understand how to put these plans in place"

Sierra Joseph-Quon,

Owner, The Tea Practitioner

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a tea farm or factory, and I’ve qualified for your 5 hours of work. What’s next?
Is your hourly rate negotiable?
Can I hire you based on a fixed fee for a specific project ?
Can I pay you a monthly rate to do my digital or content marketing?


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jo Feltman
Hourly Rate

Mackenzie identified an opportunity to strengthen one of the blog posts, "Buchu Tea", by creating a short video on the benefits of buchu tea. We ended up going ahead with this, and the results exceeded our expectations. We ended up buying a TV to better showcase the video. It now plays on repeat in our shop and at the Eastern Market. Thanks Mackenzie!

Dan Bolton
Set and Forget

Running Tea Biz requires a lot of time. Staying on top of Instagram, creating a cohesive feed, and producing tons of content (like reels and posts) is challenging. This is why the content calendar Mackenzie developed for Tea Biz's Instagram, and Facebook presence was valuable. It gives me a line of sight into Tea Biz's social media presence for the next few months without adding to my workload. The content calendar gives me confidence that my business social media presence is well in hand and doesn't add tasks to my plate.

Dan Bolton
"Reel" Nice

Mackenzie’s reels generated terrific reach for Tea Biz. They look cohesive on the Tea Biz Instagram feed, and she cherry-picked insights most relevant to my audience in her work.

Dan Bolton
Excellence On the Floor

Mackenzie quickly captured key trends and observations in the “World Tea Conference + Expo 2022” article. Her interviews with leaders and innovators in the tea industry were professional; I used them in an “On The Floor” Tea Biz podcast episode.

Amy Dubin
Truly the max!

So, I thought to find some help with marketing. Though I have years of experience, time is the issue. Found Mackenzie. She is a one-stop strategic shop where you can get all the insight you need because she knows the market, competition and value of brands and knows how to guide you so there isn't any guesswork. Her language is clear and easy to understand and she has done a wonderful job of continuing to build our relationship whether we're working together or not.

I gave Mackenzie a long list of competing business priorities and she quickly gave me a succinct set of recommended next steps because like I said, she truly understands the market. But what stood out was her integrity; there was an opportunity where Mackenzie could have reasonably tried to upsell me (create my business plan), but she didn't because she thought there was a "good enough" free workaround (she gave me the free resource I needed, too). She even said that the money I would have spent on the upsell (creating my business plan) could be effectively spent on other things, which she outlined to me. Few service providers place their client's needs above their own needs like that. It is astounding and creates the trust from which everything can grow in the long-term. If only she could work with me exclusively! But she sure makes me feel like I'm her only client when I know full well I'm not.

In short, work with her, talk to her and in a short time you'll see the value. There is only one of her! Highly recommend!