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Competitor Campaign

For businesses who want to give their brand immediate visibility on search engines, Steeped Content’s competitor campaign is for you. Unlike generalist agencies, Steeped Content’s specialization in the tea and coffee market means you get relevant PPC expertise.

Competitor Campaign

Keep close to your rivals.

You've seen your competitors set up PPC advertising campaigns, stealing traffic away from your tea or coffee brand. Perhaps, you've tried to set up your own PPC campaign in Google Ads, only to discover that you're burning money and not generating the results that drive your business forward.

When you choose to work with a digital marketing expert, such as Steeped Content, the money you invest in PPC advertising grows your business.

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  • Lure away prospects from your competitors.

  • Establish your key competitors
  • Create a competitor campaign (15 ads total) including:
    • Ad placement
    • Ad copy
    • Differentiation
  • Implement technical configuration (e.g., budget, bidding, ad scheduling)

A competitor campaign is most effective when combined with creating search ads, and optimizing search ads.

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist



  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how this service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use a questionnaire format to help you efficiently provide the information which ensures the final product is tailored to your particular needs and context.
  3. Receive your competitor campaign and review it in a discussion with Steeped Content.

It’s your turn. Try this Competitor Campaign service for yourself.

“Buy visits to your site rather than earning visits organically”

“Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model in which a party pays each time one of their ads is clicked. The heart of PPC advertising is a way of buying visits to your site rather than earning those visits organically.”
Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketer. Founder of Steeped Content.

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Customer Reviews

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Jo Feltman
Competitor Campaign Boosts BuchuVida's Presence

I'm happy with Steeped Content's Competitor Campaign service. It was great for BuchuVida. Mackenzie lured potential customers away from better-known competitors in the natural deodorant market. More people learned about our products.