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On-page SEO

On-page SEO is for companies that want to grow revenue through a stable source of website traffic. Steeped Content specializes in tea and coffee markets, which means you can grow your business with highly relevant expertise.

On-Page SEO

If you've got a dead body you need to dispose of, the perfect place is the second page of Google.

99% of all Google search traffic remains on the first page, and that traffic isn't evenly distributed.

  • The first organic search result on the first page of Google gets 34% of search traffic clicks

  • The second organic search result gets 17%

  • The lowest spot on the first page of Google (position 10) only gets 3% of search traffic clicks

On-Page SEO can grow your business when successfully applied. It creates a steady stream of traffic, driving customers to your company's website, free of charge, on a predictable and ongoing basis.

Start growing your website traffic today. Buy an On-Page SEO package now.

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  • Improve your website's traffic and domain authority by optimizing your existing content.

  • Optimize 10 existing pages by focusing on:

    • A primary keyword

    • Up to 10 related keywords

    • Title tags and headings

    • Image recommendations

    • Meta description update

On-page SEO pairs well with technical SEO and internal linking, and competitor website analysis."

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist

Calgary, Canada


  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how this service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use a questionnaire format to help you efficiently provide the information which ensures the final product is tailored to your particular needs and context.
  3. Receive your on-page SEO work and review it in a discussion with Steeped Content.

It’s your turn. Try this On-Page SEO service for yourself.

“Mackenzie’s on-page optimizations increased organic traffic by 37%”

“Mackenzie optimized some of my blog posts, and the results were great! Her on-page optimizations increased organic traffic by 37%. Mackenzie was thoughtful in her internal linking, and her efforts leveraged a strong blog post to give prominence to other blog posts, improving the visibility of my content.”

Nicole Wilson

Tea Influencer and Educator, Tea For Me Please.

New Jersey, United States

A Taste of The Results Steeped Content Gives You

Get up to 37% more traffic to your blog post.

Steeped Content partnered with tea blogger Nicole Wilson to enrich two of her blog posts with on-page SEO. Capturing more traffic by improving keyword use was the main priority; the second objective was improving site indexation through internal linking. Here are the results Steeped Content produced for Nicole:

Article: Does Matcha Go Bad?

Before After Result
Organic Traffic 70 96 37% increase
Organic Keywords 73 126 73% increase
Internal Links 4 7 75% increase
Page Authority 21 24 14% increase

Steeped Content’s on-page SEO service drives more visitors to your website.

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“Mackenzie has done an impeccable job creating significant improvements to the SEO of my business, The Tea Practitioner.”

“Mackenzie has done an impeccable job creating significant improvements to the SEO of my business, The Tea Practitioner. From the initial phone call to the very end, her vast knowledge of marketing, SEO, creating meta descriptions, and site audits has greatly contributed to the success and betterment of my website.”

Sierra Joseph-Quon

Owner, The Tea Practitioner

Toronto, Canada

The Tea Practitioner

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