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Welcome Sequence

For businesses who want to form an immediate connection with their audience, Steeped Content’s email welcome sequence is what you need.

Welcome Sequence

Welcome emails have an open rate of 91%; they are an opportunity you should be acting on. 

Email marketing often generates the best return on marketing investment (mROI). Welcome emails average 4x the open rate and 5x the click through rate of other email marketing campaigns. 

Creating email welcome sequences in advance, constructed around specific sales goals, can influence consumer behavior and increase your sales by up to 30%. 

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  • Introduce yourself to your new customers.

  • Welcome and trust-building email sequence
  • 4 part email campaign
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Up to 200 words of copy per email (800 words total)
  • A clear call to action
  • Two email headlines per email (8 headlines total)
  • Preview text

Customers who buy an email welcome sequence often buy an engagement sequence and a sales sequence.

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist

Calgary, Canada


  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how this service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use a questionnaire format to help you efficiently provide the information which ensures the final product is tailored to your particular needs and context.
  3. Receive your email welcome sequence and review it in a discussion with Steeped Content.

What People Are Saying

"The most effective triggered emails for e-commerce brands are welcome emails and abandoned-cart emails."

Ayaz Nanji

Research writer, MarketingProfs

New York, United States

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