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For businesses who want to build a relationship with their target market, Steeped Content’s how-to articles are for you. Unlike generalist copywriters, Steeped Content’s expertise is specialized within tea and coffee markets, which means you’re getting highly relevant content.

How-To Article

By search volume, there are more keywords with informational intent than purchasing intent.

When searchers navigate the web seeking answers, your company has the opportunity to capture attention. It's going to be you or your competitors.

How-to articles include content by which you can satisfy your audience, gain traffic, and increase brand awareness.

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  • A preferred style of article that offers readers a clear benefit, and positions your brand as knowledgeable.

  • Topic research
  • SERP analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Title tags
  • ~1,000 word article
  • Step-by-step article structure
  • Easy-to-read, original content
  • Latent semantic analysis (LSA) and optimization
  • Meta description

These how-to articles pair well with list-style articles, and educational articles.

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist



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What People Are Saying

"Mackenzie created an extremely valuable how-to article for Tea Journey magazine. She made it active by giving recommendations and examples that readers could implement and test."

Dan Bolton,

Publisher, Tea Journey

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jo Feltman
Steeped Content Nailed My 'How To Make Buchu Tea' Blog Post

Mackenzie wrote a great blog post, "How To Make Buchu Tea."

The blog post on making buchu tea is insightful. Mack combines educational information with practical guidance. This combination makes "How To Make Buchu Tea" a valuable resource for enthusiasts and novices.

Mackenzie writes logically. Here's a quick breakdown of the sections she included in my how-to article:
1) It starts with a captivating introduction that lends credibility to buchu tea's benefits. (Her discussion on buchu's health benefits is informative and responsible.)
2) Next, a clear step-by-step guide with tips for achieving the perfect cup of tea.
3) The FAQ section preempts common questions and offers concise answers. (The blog also considers safety precautions and interactions with medications, making it a comprehensive resource.)

Daniel Bolton
Marketing Advice Readers Praise

The article "Marketing Your Tea Farm In India" is a must-read for those in the Indian tea industry. It outlines the importance of marketing and offers clear, actionable steps for differentiation.

Strengths include a logical structure to the article and real-world examples. For example, Mackenzie's Forest Pick Wild Tea coverage adds depth to the discussion on unique selling points.

Steeped Content's how-to article, "Marketing Your Tea Farm In India," excels in giving practical advice. For instance, Mackenzie helps tea farms leverage their Google Business Profiles for local SEO. Tips like aiming for 100 reviews are helpful. The article also wisely discusses the primary market and customer segmentation choice. Mackenzie offers contrasting examples, Teabox and Taj Mahal tea, to clarify points. The website recommendations are helpful. They emphasize utility and brand alignment. Overall, the guide is educational and actionable. It's a valuable resource for tea farms navigating today's competitive market.

Daniel Bolton
How to Do "How To"

The 'Smoking Food With Tea, A How-To Guide' by Mackenzie Bailey is an outstanding piece. It seamlessly combines culinary art with tea expertise. The article shines in its detail, providing specific tea recommendations for different meats and straightforward, step-by-step recipes. What sets it apart is how it ties smoking food into a broader lifestyle trend. In summary, it's a thorough, engaging, and practical guide. I highly recommend Steeped Content's blog writing services, including How-To Articles.

Jo Feltman
Blog Innovation: Mackenzie's Buchu Kimchi How-To Article

Mackenzie wrote her first how-to article for me, "Buchu Kimchi: A Korean Culinary Gem."

Mackenzie recognized two separate facts:
1) "Buchu kimchi" has around 140 monthly searches.
2) Both my mother's kimchi are Korean. She and I were uniquely qualified to make this recipe.

She had the cool idea to write a how-to article explaining how to make buchu kimchi. (buchu is the Korean term for garlic chives.) But, she suggested modifying the recipe to include BuchuVida's buchu tea leaves.

This was a creative and effective way to make Buchuvida's product (buchu tea) relevant in a new use case, kimchi.

Daniel Bolton
This is "How To" do it

Mackenzie created an extremely valuable how-to article for Tea Journey magazine. She took passive content (informative articles in the Discover Nepal issue) and made it active by giving recommendations and examples that readers could implement and test.

Anyone can publish information, but few people can publish insight. Warren Buffett talks about building a moat around your business, so adversaries can't get at your company. Mackenzie's article "Marketing Nepali Tea" is that moat; it defends the value that Tea Journey brings to readers because it offers something to readers that's hard to replicate.