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February 10, 2023


Sonjuia Robinson, the owner of Sigh Noon Tea & Beverages, struggled to expand her business and attract new customers. She realized the need to improve her digital presence but didn't know where to start.


Sonjuia aimed to improve Sigh Noon Tea & Beverages' website to persuade potential customers to explore her website and buy products.


Sonjuia discovered Steeped Content's “eCommerce Tea Website PDF”. It guided her through creating an effective e-commerce website.

    The PDF helped her design a high-converting:
  • homepage,
  • about page, and
  • product pages.

The PDF provided recommendations to help direct the attention and action of visitors.


Sonjuia's website developer implemented the strategies outlined in Steeped Content's PDF. She made some layout modifications to suit her preferences and used her branding. Sonjuia's website has seen increased traffic and sales. Her website's design and optimization changes have contributed to the high conversion rate.

"We've already started to put some of the pieces in place, and it's making a major difference."

Sonjuia Robinson

Owner, Sigh Noon Tea & Beverages