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May 6, 2021


Dan Bolton is the force that brought the Tea Biz podcast to the world. He launched it in January 2021 with a mission to create value for tea professionals with timely news and insights.


Dan wanted to build early awareness for the Tea Biz podcast.


Steeped Content incorporated the Tea Biz podcast into Tea Biz's newly launched Instagram account.

Publishing Audiogram Posts regularly on social media helped keep the Tea Biz podcast top of mind among social media followers. Audiogram Stories were also used to promote the podcast.

    This tactic was combined with two others:
  1. Dan published the latest Tea Biz podcast episode on his personal LinkedIn account.
  2. Notifying email subscribers whenever a new Tea Biz podcast was released.


"The Audiogram Posts and Stories Mackenzie made are performing well. They are noticeably building a buzz around the Tea Biz podcast. The look and feel of the Audiogram Posts she made closely align with the Tea Biz brand."

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz