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On-Page SEO | Tea For Me Please

On-Page SEO | Tea For Me Please

Nicole Wilson is the blogger behind Tea For Me Please. She prides herself on being a longstanding, authentic voice in the tea community. And after a decade of blogging about tea, Nicole’s website is rich in content. 

 Steeped Content focused on increasing visibility for strategically relevant blog posts. These were blog posts that were on the cusp of being on the first page of Google. 

 Mackenzie examined Tea For Me Please keywords rankings. Keywords in positions 11-19 received careful attention. Then valuable keywords were selected based on competition, content fit, and search volume. 

These keywords became the focus of Steeped Content’s on-page SEO efforts. Two blog posts were optimized. Both blog posts experienced similar success. Here are the results achieved for one blog post, "Does Matcha Go Bad."


Article: Does Matcha Go Bad?

Before After Results
Organic Traffic 70 96 37% increase
Organic Keywords 73 126 73% increase
Internal Links 4 7 75% increase
Page Authority 21 24 14% increase

What Nicole Wilson Says

"Her on-page optimizations increased organic traffic by 37%"

“​​Mackenzie optimized some of my blog posts, and the results were fantastic! Her on-page optimizations increased organic traffic by 37%. Mackenzie was thoughtful in her internal linking, and her efforts leveraged a strong blog post to give prominence to other blog posts, improving the visibility of my content.” 

Nicole Wilson

Tea Influencer and Educator, Tea For Me Please

New Jersey, United States