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Tea Bazaar | Product Descriptions




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e-commerce, bricks-and-mortar

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August 29, 2022


Shell Singal, Founder and CEO of Tea Bazaar, operates an e-commerce tea company selling over 100 different blends. She wants to improve her website and grow her business.


Shell wanted to strengthen her product pages, so more browsers became buyers, purchasing her tea blends.


    Mackenzie created new product descriptions for six tea blends.

  1. White Chai
  2. White Coconut Cream
  3. White Ginger
  4. White Raspberry
  5. Silver Needle
  6. White Peony

    She created product descriptions that:

  • Created a descriptive experience (e.g., “This tea is like walking in an orchard on a cool fall day, just as the seasons change.”)
  • Alludes to health benefits
  • Provides use-case suggestions (e.g., “This tea blend makes a great cold brew tea.”)


    Each description delivered to the client had three sections:
  • Product Description: Entice, set expectations and show some personality.
  • What Makes It Great: Highlight the benefits and provide details that allow potential customers to trust the product more, or imagine themselves drinking it.
  • Ingredients: All the tea ingredients are listed for readers curious about what goes into the blend.