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Facebook Remarketing Campaign

For brands that want to reach and be remembered by their target market, Steeped Content’s Facebook Remarketing Campaign service builds your audience.

Facebook Remarketing Campaign

You've got 8,640 seconds to get in front of your audience. People spend roughly 2 hours and 24 minutes on Facebook each day.

You must be known, liked, and trusted before consumers buy from you. Facebook remarketing allows you to build this familiarity and affinity with your audience. If you're not using remarketing to remain top of mind in your target market, you're missing out.

Strengthen your Facebook marketing efforts; buy a Facebook remarketing campaign now.

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  • Build awareness for your brand.

  • Create and set up a Facebook remarketing campaign
  • Create five audience remarketing categories
  • Produce 10 ads, including:
    • copywriting
    • image
    • CTA
  • Implement campaign optimization
  • Create campaign report
  • Manage the campaign for 29 days

A Facebook remarketing campaign pairs well with a Facebook targeting campaign and Facebook ad assessment.

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist



  1. Book a time here to talk with Mackenzie about your unique requirements, and how this service can meet your needs.
  2. After purchase, Steeped Content will use a questionnaire format to help you efficiently provide the information which ensures the final product is tailored to your particular needs and context.
  3. Receive your Facebook remarketing campaign and review it in a discussion with Steeped Content.

What People Are Saying

Mackenzie achieved a cost per click (CPC) of $0.02 for my campaign.

“Mackenzie ran a campaign promoting Tea Biz’s content, and she achieved a cost per click (CPC) of $0.02 for my campaign. The campaign produced 5,684 clicks, reached 342,970 people, and generated 522,252 impressions. I was proud.”

Dan Bolton,

Founder and Editor at Tea Journey and Tea Biz

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