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Coffee Ads

Coffee ads drive product sales, growing coffee brands.

Coffee ads increase brand awareness and recall, which is valuable because consumers often choose the brand they recognize when faced with a purchasing choice. Brand recognition - recognizing a brand when you see it - plays a strong role in low-involvement purchasing decisions (e.g., grocery shopping).

Coffee advertisements have evolved over the years. Old coffee ads and modern coffee ads differ in the images they use and the means by which they are distributed. Yet the benefits that brands highlight when marketing coffee remain consistent.

Today, coffee brands often advertise their products using the following media formats:

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Display Ads

Display advertising promotes a product or service through images on networks of publishers (e.g., Google Display Network), and by placing ads (e.g., banners ads) on relevant third-party websites.

As digital marketing has evolved, coffee banner ads dot the internet. When brands use banner ads they often actively work to emphasize product sales. Concise copy and strong offers entice viewers to act.

This display ad is effective because the coffee product and call to action (e.g., "Shop Now") are visually prominent. The display ad uses contrasting colours (e.g., lime green) to create visual prominence against a dark background (e.g., brown).

The ads use an image of contextual consumption (e.g., coffee being poured) and prominently feature the brand logo, improving brand recognition.

The display ads also highlight what the brand does (e.g., sells "Exclusive Specialty Coffee") and provides viewers a reason to act ("Save 20% on your first order").

Some brands, such as Mcdonald's, use display ads to promote their products and virtue signal.

Video Ads

Coffee TV commercials have evolved over the years.

For example, Folgers coffee ads in the 90s portrayed rural domestic scenes, and evolved to show a sense of family life (2000s), and more recently, the role of coffee in the workplace. Advertisements' evolution ensures that the message and context remain relevant as the audience changes.

The 1990 Folgers Coffee "Morning Tradition" commercial effectively highlights how the brand's product fits into the target market's lifestyle.

Folgers ad "Home for Christmas" uses emotional bonding in its advertising, establishing a link between the brand and customer through a feeling.

Humour can make ads memorable, and Folgers’s “Zoom Meeting” commercial uses contextually relevant humour to position its coffee product as a solution to a careless mistake.

Native Ads

Native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. Seeing coffee ads on Facebook, Instagram or search are examples of native ads. Such coffee ads may actively use images and copy that feels human, in an effort to receive more attention.

Facebook Ads

With 2.91 billion active users, Facebook is the most popular social media platform for running ads, which are designed to be similar in structure to organic posts.

Facebook ads allow you to target your coffee ads based on demographics (e.g., age, gender, location and lifestyle-based targeting (e.g., interests, behaviour, life events) at a self-selected budget.

Facebook also allows coffee brands to set up remarketing campaigns, running ads targeted toward past visitors to your site. For example, your coffee brand can offer an exclusive discount code on Facebook to incentivize your website visitors to complete their purchases.

Google Ads

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform in which your coffee brand pays per click (PPC) or per impression (CPM) on an ad. Google Ads can effectively drive qualified traffic to your business while they're searching for coffee products.

“Google Ads can be highly effective at driving sales for coffee companies, especially e-commerce coffee brands. Yet small and midsize coffee brands must intentionally use targeting and keywords in Google Ads to protect their budget.”

Mackenzie Bailey,

Founder of Steeped Content

Guerilla Advertising ​​

McDonald’s’ creative coffee advertising used a street light to market their free coffee promotion. The streetlight was turned into marketing collateral by adding an enlarged cup at the base, communicating offer details, and a large branded glass coffee pot over the top of the street lamp.

Showcasing Effective Coffee Ads


Nespresso pioneered portioned coffee consumption over 30 years ago, and remains a leader in this market segment. The brand has also produced some of the best coffee ads, reinforcing the brand's perception in the market as an innovative product that caters to an accessible, luxury lifestyle.

Nespresso’s cohesive brand communication transcends advertising mediums (eg., print, video coffee commercials), and the brand has produced famous coffee ads.


Nespresso’s early ad “What Else” relies on the prestige and perceived attributes of George Clooney and transfers their attributes to Nespresso’s products (e.g., strong, rich, great aftertaste).

Nespresso’s ads use premiumization (e.g., luxurious surroundings) and storytelling techniques to build desire for Nespresso’s products.

Recent ads continue to premiumize Nespresso’s products with celebrity presence in ads and tempting product shots.

Other Effective Coffee Ads

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Do you want to sell more coffee and tea?

Hi, I'm Mackenzie Bailey. I help tea and coffee businesses grow. My only question is will it be yours?

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