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September 13, 2022


Dan Bolton, the publisher of Tea Journey magazine, promoted a new issue, Discover Nepal. Discover Nepal published articles written in authentic and expert voices promoting Nepali tea and sharing the story of this unique origin.


Dan identified an opportunity to create actionable content relevant to a segment of Discover Nepal readers, Nepalese tea producers, and brands.


Mackenzie wrote the article "Marketing Nepali Tea."

    The article:
  1. Offered commentary on how Nepali tea is marketed, discussing the temptation to position Nepalese tea as similar to Indian tea, and the importance of differentiation.
  2. Discussed the business of selling Nepali tea and the implication of different business models.
  3. Applying the marketing mix to Nepalese tea.
    The third section, applied the marketing mix to Nepalese tea, was the most significant, discussing product, pricing, placement and promotion.
  • Product: provided four angles by which Nepali tea could be differentiated and offered examples.
  • Pricing: offered an overview of the national pricing strategy used to sell Nepali tea to buyers.
  • Placement: Highlighted the importance of how Nepali teas are "placed" on websites, and offered an example of how brands can make other placement decisions.
  • Promotion: Provided an overview of many different promotional tactics available to Nepalese tea producers and brands, and did a deeper dive into the three most promising ones - search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and influencer marketing.


"Mackenzie created an extremely valuable how-to article for Tea Journey magazine. She took passive content (informative articles in the Discover Nepal issue) and made it active by giving recommendations and examples that readers could implement and test.
Anyone can publish information, but few people can publish insight. Warren Buffett talks about building a moat around your business, so adversaries can't get at your company. Mackenzie's article "Marketing Nepali Tea" is that moat; it defends the value Tea Journey brings to readers because it offers something that's hard to replicate."

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz