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November 24, 2022


Jo and Philip own BuchuVida, a company selling products made with buchu, a South African herb. Buchu has many benefits and can be consumed as a tea, or applied topically as an infusion or oil.


Jo wanted to create an article about the benefits of using buchu in skincare products.


Steeped Content created an article, “Buchu For Skincare” explaining how consumers can benefit from incorporating buchu into their skincare routine.

The list-style article focused on:

  • Keyword research, and handcrafting the article to increase the likelihood of ranking on the search engine results page (SERP)
  • Linking to BucuVida's product pages, helping to drive sales
  • Making product use accessible to consumers (e.g., DIY buchu facial serum, the best ways to use buchu in your skincare routine.)


"Mackenzie did a fantastic job!

First, she showed me my website's analytics and highlighted that an existing article about buchu and skincare drove some traffic to my company's website. Then she explained that there was an opportunity to create a stronger blog post, getting better results for BuchuVida. I decided to move forward with her suggestion, so she wrote 'BuchuVida For Skincare.'

Her list-style blog post, "BuchuVida For Skincare," was super customer-focused, and Mackenzie actively promoted my brand's products in a relevant way. You could tell she put herself in my shoes and my customers' shoes.

The article Steeped Content made was great. But what was even better was how Mackenzie created a super convenient "hands off" experience for me as a client."

Jo Feltman

Owner, BuchuVida