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March 25, 2022


Dan Bolton is a much-anticipated speaker and attendee of the World Tea Expo. He’s been a well-loved speaker at the event for many years and publishes “on the floor” coverage.

However, in 2022, Dan was unable to attend, but he still wanted to publish “on the floor” event coverage.


Dan wanted to publish “on the floor” coverage of the 2022 World Tea Expo event.


Dan engaged Steeped Content to create newsworthy content in his absence.

Mackenzie conducted several interviews with leaders in the tea industry, including Mike Harney, CEO of Harney & Sons, and others. She observed the vendors, product lines, positioning and trends.

Mackenzie synthesized interviews and observations into a cohesive article for the Tea Biz website.


“Mackenzie quickly captured key trends and observations in the “World Tea Conference + Expo 2022” article. Her interviews with leaders and innovators in the tea industry were well done and professional. I used them in an “On The Floor” Tea Biz podcast episode.”

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz