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September 13, 2022


Jo Feltman, CEO of BuchuVida, has a brick-and-mortar store selling wellness products, such as tea and personal care items.

Some of the products that BuchuVida sells in-store are also sold online. There’s not a perfect match between the two sales channels; some products are only sold in-store.


Jo wanted to drive attention to what makes BuchuVida’s store special, and different.


Steeped Content created 35 posts for BuchuVida to use in their Google Business Profile (GBP).

    These posts were designed to reflect several goals, including:
  1. Showcase products sold in BuchuVida’s store that are not sold online (e.g., yoga mats and jewellery)
  2. Showcase what makes BuchuVida special (e.g., hosting weekly in-store yoga sessions that are by donation)
  3. Differentiating BuchuVida from other shops (e.g. showcasing that BuchuVida donates revenue to help stop human trafficking)
  4. Establishing local relevance (e.g., posts mention the area BuchuVida serves)


BuchuVida saw a sustained lift in visibility, and engaged potential customers with enticing posts.

“My partner (Phil) and I got Mackenzie to create some Google posts for our business, BuchuVida, after she set up our Google Business Profile listing. She was only required to make 30 posts and delivered more than we expected. The attention to detail was excellent; brand colours, logos, and our website URL were all reflected in the post. I could tell Mackenzie was trying to draw people into BuchuVida's website because she would reference products and blog posts - anything that may interest our audience.”

Jo Feltman

Owner, BuchuVida