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September 15, 2022


Shell Singal, Founder and CEO of Tea Bazaar, sells over 100 different tea blends through her business, Tea Bazaar. She wants to improve her website to support her growth goals.


Shell wanted Mackenzie to increase sales of her popular teas by creating new product descriptions.


    Mackenzie created new product descriptions for ten tea blends.

  1. Breathe
  2. Butter Beer
  3. Butterflies in Paradise
  4. Chai Bomb
  5. Clear Skin from Within
  6. Cupid's Arrow
  7. Detox
  8. Dream Catcher
  9. Fountain of Youth
  10. Get Well Soon

Mackenzie examined each of the existing product descriptions assessing relevant product details and identifying any current positioning priorities (e.g. a tea may be positioned to help lucid dreaming, but the copy may need updating.)

    Next, Mackenzie created product descriptions that reflected:

  • Benefit-first copy
  • The sensory experience of consuming the product
  • The symbolic value of the blend (e.g., A tea may be called "Cupid's Arrow," so copy with an emotional appeal can be created)


    Each description delivered to the client had three sections:
  • Product Description: Build curiosity, set expectations and show some personality.
  • What Makes It Great: Highlight the benefits and provide details that allow potential customers to trust the product more or imagine themselves drinking it.
  • Ingredients: All the tea ingredients are listed for readers curious about what goes into the blend.

"I wrote copy to build flavor and benefit expectations."

Mackenzie Bailey

Founder, Steeped Content