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Steeped Content's list-style articles are for businesses who want to outperform their competitors. Unlike generalist copywriters, Steeped Content specializes in tea and coffee markets, which means you can grow your business with highly relevant blog content.

List-Style Article

Simplicity is best.

Complex, convoluted content causes visitors to feel overwhelmed and leave your site.

Making content that's easy for readers to skim is essential. With list-style articles, you create a better reading experience, increasing the time visitors spend on your content.

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  • Easy to skim, high-performing articles favored by readers.

  • Topic research
  • SERP analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Title tags
  • ~1,000 word article
  • Easy-to-read, original content
  • Latent semantic analysis (LSA) and optimization
  • Meta description

List-style articles pair well with how-to articles and educational articles.

Mackenzie Bailey

Digital and Content Marketing Strategist



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"Mackenzie's list-style article, "Buchu Testimonials", became our top-performing blog post."

Jo Feltman

Founder, BuchuVida

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Customer Reviews

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Jo Feltman
Mackenzie's 'Top 10 Lip Balms' Article Elevated BuchuVida's Brand

BuchuVida sells tea and natural products made with buchu. One of the products I sell is natural lip balm.

I recently got Mackenzie to write a list-style article, "Top 10 Natural Lip Balms for Ultimate Hydration."

The way Mackenzie conveys my brand's unique qualities and benefits is remarkable, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Five things she did stood out to me as particularly skillful.

1) You highlighted BuchuVida's unique selling proposition

Your emphasis on BuchuVida's unique ingredient, buchu, captures what sets our lip balm apart. You proactively distinguish my brand in a competitive market.

2) Alluded to my product's health benefits

Emphasizing buchu's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties was excellent. You added a health angle to the list-style blog post. The health benefits of BuchuVida's lip balm could draw our target audience. (They prioritize natural, effective solutions.)

3) Comprehensive product information

Your detailed list of BuchuVida's key ingredients allows for transparency and trust. This level of scrutiny of my lip balm can go a long way in securing customer confidence.

4) Inclusion in Top 10 Product List

Featuring my lip balm among renowned brands adds credibility to BuchuVida. Your article helps level the playing field for smaller brands like ours.

5) Emotional Appeal

The phrase "Embrace the healing power of nature" resonates deeply with BuchuVida's brand values and consumer aspirations. Your choice of words turned our lip balm into a purchase and a lifestyle choice.

Jo Feltman
Buchu For Skincare' Article Turns Traffic into Tangible Results

Mackenzie did a fantastic job!

First, she showed me my website's analytics and highlighted that an exciting article about buchu and skincare drove some traffic to my company's website. Then she explained that there was an opportunity to create a stronger blog post, getting stronger results for BuchuVida. I decided to move forward with her suggestion, so she wrote "Buchu For Skincare."

Her list-style blog post, "Buchu For Skincare," was super customer-focused, and Mackenzie actively promoted my brand's products in a relevant way. You could tell she put herself in my shoes and my customers' shoes.

The article Steeped Content made was great. But what was even greater was how Mackenzie created a super convent "hands off" experience for me as a client.

Advantageous Advent Listings

Mackenzie of Steeped Content wrote a list-style article, "10 Tea Advent Calendars To Buy This Christmas," for Tea Journey.
Her article does several things well:
1. Clarity and Organization: It is well-organized, listing ten tea advent calendars. Each calendar has a clear structure: a brief overview, reasons to buy, good features, and benefits.
2. Detailed Descriptions: The descriptions are engaging and easy to read. Mackenzie gives a clear sense of what each advent calendar offers.
3. Variety of Choices: The article covers a range of tea advent calendars, from affordable to high-end. This variety caters to different consumer preferences and budgets.
4. Emphasis on Benefits: Each calendar's description highlights something unique. Mackenzie appeals to various consumer preferences, like health, luxury, or tradition.
5. Appeal to Different Audiences: The article addresses different types of tea drinkers, such as health-conscious individuals, traditional tea lovers, and novelty-seekers.
6. Cultural Diversity: Mackenzie includes teas from different cultures, like Indian and Australian. She offers a global perspective.
7. Focus on Festivity: The article maintains a festive tone, aligning with the holiday spirit. Mackenzie's work is timely for Christmas shopping.

Daniel Bolton
Quality Content

Mackenzie of Steeped Content created a list-style article, "30 Tea Picnic Accessories." Here are three things I loved about Mackenzie's work:
First, the categorization is organized, making navigation easy. Each product serves a specific need, showing an understanding of the tea community.
Second, the article goes beyond listing items. It provides key features and benefits for each product. This adds a layer of trust and reliability.
Third, it caters to a broad audience, making it worthwhile to many. Price details add a practical touch, helping readers make informed choices quickly.
Mackenzie's article is an informative and actionable guide. It's great for anyone looking to enhance their tea picnic experience. I highly recommend Steeped Content.

Jo Feltman
Mackenzie's Strategic Blog Post Elevated Our Lip Balm

Mackenzie of Steeped Content wrote a great list-style blog post, "Top 10 Natural Lip Balms for Ultimate Hydration".

I loved the steps she followed (so client-centric and logical):
1) Mackenzie identified a keyword, "best natural lip balm," with a high search volume (590 monthly searches).
2) She studied what types of articles performed well on the first page of Google. In this case, it was product lists.
3) She wrote an excellent list-style article that showcased our product positively and truthfully.

Mackenzie positioned our product as being on par with leading lip balm brands, like Burts Bees. The amount of product research and positioning Mackenzie did to put this article together was impressive.

My partner (Phil) and I are so happy with her work!