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December 20, 2022


Jo and Philip are owners of BuchuVida, a company selling products made with buchu, a South African herb. They have successfully patented their natural shampoo with buchu, and want to draw attention to it.

Mackenzie noticed that an older article from March 3, 2021, called “sulfates, parabens and what they're doing in your shampoo and hair,” could benefit from an update.

The article was relevant to a market segment likely interested in BuchuVida’s natural shampoo but was generating low traffic (less than 20 visitors per month).


Mackenzie completely rewrote the article to focus on teaching readers about natural shampoo.


    Steeped Content focused on creating an article that:
  • was based on keyword research and handcrafted to increase the likelihood of ranking on the search engine results page
  • linked to product pages so that content could drive sales
  • demonstrated authority by referencing scientific research


“Working with Steeped Content was a great experience. Mackenzie provided an excellent educational blog post highlighting the importance of natural shampoo over conventional shampoo. The content was written in an engaging and informative way, making it easy to understand why natural shampoo is a better choice. Her research was great. She also created a clear link between her blog post and my product offering. I would highly recommend her.”

Jo Feltman

Owner, BuchuVida