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September 25, 2021


Dan Bolton is focused on growing the Tea Biz blog and podcast, a resource offering premium content to tea professionals.


Dan wants to grow Tea Biz's email list to build trust, offer value, and entice people to purchase a Tea Biz subscription.


Steeped Content created ten automated emails in a Welcome Sequence for people who have just joined Tea Biz's email list.

    Each email in the Welcome Sequence aimed to build a connection between Tea Biz and new subscribers.
  • Purpose of Email 1: Establish a personal connection and create excitement.
  • Purpose of Email 2: Get people to follow Tea Biz on social media.
  • Purpose of Email 3: Encourage people to subscribe to the Tea Biz podcast.
  • Purpose of Email 4: Offer social proof by showcasing professionals in the tea industry who like and value Tea Biz.
  • Purpose of Email 5: Entice people to engage with Tea Biz's best content.
  • Purpose of Email 6: Position Tea Biz content as a valuable resource and introduce the Tea Price Report, a paid offering.
  • Purpose of Email 7: Give subscribers a chance to get to know three noteworthy tea professionals featured on Tea Biz, and reference the Tea Price Report, a paid offering, as a resource.
  • Purpose of Email 8: Offer a limited-time discount to entice people to purchase the Tea Price Report.
  • Purpose of Email 9: Showcase the benefits of the Tea Price Report, and ask people to buy the offering.
  • Purpose of Email 10: Remind people their discount is about to expire and encourage them to purchase the Tea Price Report.


One Email Sample From The Sequence


The open rate of this sample email in the welcome sequence.


The open rate increase between this sample email and the typical open rate for the Tea Biz audience (23%).

"The welcome sequence Mackenzie developed exceeded my expectations. The sequence's average open rate (44%) was just about double the average open rate of the Tea Biz email list (23%). Her automated emails' strong performance had clear business value."

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz