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November 9, 2021


Dan Bolton is the rockstar behind Tea Journey magazine, an industry classic. Dan publishes authoritative articles that benefit the tea community. After over a decade of publishing, Tea Journey’s website is rich with content, generating traffic.

One article by Peter Keen has consistently performed well “Pesticides in Tea: Getting a Clear Picture Not a Vague Impression”. This article is among Tea Journey’s most successful articles; it’s the second biggest contributor to website traffic.

The article was first published in 2018, and over the last three years, traffic levels have declined for “Pesticides in Tea: Getting a Clear Picture Not a Vague Impression”.

  • In November 2018, the article generated 581 monthly visitors.
  • By November 2021 the article contributed 44 monthly visitors to the Tea Journey website.


Dan wanted to get more traffic to the article “Pesticides in Tea: Getting a Clear Picture Not a Vague Impression”


    Steeped Content focused on improving the article’s traffic, authority, and user experience.
  • Improving traffic involved maximizing on-page SEO. Tactics such as improving readability and keywords were used.
  • Steeped Content found and referenced relevant research studies to improve the article’s authority.
  • User experience improved with shorter paragraphs and more images.



Increase in words from 2,645 to 3,228

Page authority of 13

An increase in page authority from 0 to 13.

11 studies cited

An increase in studies cited from 0 to 11.


Increase organic traffic

"Mackenzie substantially improved a blog post, "Pesticides in Tea: Getting a Clear Picture Not a Vague Impression." Her educational article became the top-performing blog post on the Tea Journey website; it held the top position for months."

"Currently, "Pesticides in Tea: Getting a Clear Picture Not a Vague Impression" is consistently one of ​​Tea Journey's top three articles. Right now,  Tea Journey's top performing article is "Herbal Teas: Know The Risks, So You Can Enjoy The Benefits", which Mackenzie also worked on."

Dan Bolton, 

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz