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The Tea Practitioner | Technical SEO

The Tea Practitioner | Technical SEO

Sierra Joseph-Quon is the entrepreneur behind The Tea Practitioner. She prides herself on her strong culinary skills, which shapes her tea brand's topical focus. Sierra’s website abounds with recipe-style content.

Steeped Content focused on increasing visibility for Sierra’s blog posts. This involved optimizing the technical aspects of blog posts. Mackenzie conducted a technical analysis of The Tea Practitioner’s website. The analysis identified issues such as large images, missing meta descriptions, and missing alt tags.

Missing meta descriptions were the priority. Adding meta descriptions increases a website's click-through rate, generating more visitors.  Mackenzie made over 60 well-crafted meta descriptions, and the results delighted Sierra.


What Sierra Joseph-Quon Says

"Significant improvements to the SEO of my business."

“Mackenzie has done an impeccable job creating significant improvements to the SEO of my business, The Tea Practitioner. From the initial phone call to the very end, her vast knowledge of marketing and SEO has greatly contributed to the success and betterment of my website.”

Sierra Joseph-Quon

Owner of The Tea Practitioner,

Toronto, Canada