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Feb 23, 2023


Tracie Michaud is an energetic and dynamic business owner. She is the proprietor of Tea With Tracie, a specialized tea company in Oakville, Canada.


Tracie wanted to know what keywords to focus on when creating blog posts. She wanted to know what to prioritize while crafting blog posts to boost their website's traffic.


Steeped Content conducted thorough research, delivering 150 keywords for Tea With Tracie.

Success meant delivering keywords that helped her develop effective blog content for Tea With Tracie's website.

The report included standard information such as search volume and keyword difficulty. Steeped Content's keyword research also gave Tracie more comprehensive insights. The information enhanced Tracie's understanding of the benefits and challenges of each keyword.


Contextual Information Benefit To Tracie
Search volume reflects the average number of times per month that a keyword is queried on Google. With information about national and global search volume for every keyword, Tracie can see how many people she may get to her website.
Keyword difficulty estimates how easy it would be to rank your website for this, keyword with SEO. Tracie can prioritize keywords that her website is most lily to rank for.
Cost per click (CPC) indicates the average amount advertisers pay for a user's click on an ad generated by a particular keyword. If a tea brand is willing to invest in a keyword, it's a positive indication of its potential commercial value. It may be worthwhile for Tracie to create a blog post for a high CPC keyword for Tea With Tracie.
Search intent unveils the motive behind a search engine query, which falls into four categories: informational, navigational, commercial, and transactional. Once Tracie understands the search intent, she can generate pages that cater to what the searcher is looking for, increasing the chances of ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
SERP features note what attributes are resent in the results page for this keyword. Tracie can use this information to create content aligning with SERP Features.
Perceived business value assesses the degree to which keywords align with a business's product line and audience and is scored on a scale of 1 to 3, with 3 representing the highest score. Knowing the perceived business value allows Tracie to rapidly determine which keywords may be suitable for blog posts to promote product sales and cater to the audience's interests for Tea With Tracie.
Estimated search traffic indicates the average number of searches a webpage receives for each target keyword on Google's first page. This information can help Tracie prioritize the keywords to convert into blog posts.
Estimated backlinks represent the average number of backlinks for a webpage on Google's first page for each keyword. This gives Tracie a "goal" for the number of links required before her page ranks on Google's first page. While this may change, it's a practical starting point.
Estimated outreach assumes that 0.5-1.5% of backlink requests will result in links to your website, enabling extrapolation of how many outreach emails you will likely need to send. This gives Tracie an estimate of the time and effort she will need to invest in link-building to rank her blog post for Tea With Tracie.

"Tracie can use the keyword research she purchased to prioritize what blog posts to produce."

Mackenzie Bailey

Founder, Steeped Content