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September 15th, 2022


Amy Dubin-Nath founded Janam Tea, a small eCommerce tea brand based in New York. Janam Tea has been in business for two years, but Amy struggles to stand out in a crowded market.


Amy wanted to refine Janam Tea's positioning to differentiate it from competitors and determine the next steps for its growth.


Amy engaged Steeped Content's hourly rate service to get recommendations on improving Janam Tea's positioning and determining the next steps for growth.

Mackenzie thoroughly analyzed Janam Tea's current market position, including a review of the brand's website, social media presence, and competitors. This analysis helped identify improvement areas in Janam Tea's messaging and brand positioning.

Steeped Content's hourly rate service provided Amy with recommendations on refining Janam Tea's brand positioning to differentiate it from competitors.

In addition, Steeped Content provided Amy with recommendations for the next steps in Janam Tea's growth.


As a result of working with Steeped Content, Janam Tea was able to refine its brand positioning and identify the next steps for growth. This allowed Amy to focus on areas significantly impacting Janam Tea's success.

“Truly the max!

So, I thought to find some help with marketing. Though I have years of experience, time is the issue. Found Mackenzie. She is a one-stop strategic shop where you can get all the insight you need because she knows the market, competition and value of brands and knows how to guide you so there isn't any guesswork. Her language is clear and easy to understand and she has done a wonderful job of continuing to build our relationship whether we're working together or not.

I gave Mackenzie a long list of competing business priorities and she quickly gave me a succinct set of recommended next steps because like I said, she truly understands the market. But what stood out was her integrity; there was an opportunity where Mackenzie could have reasonably tried to upsell me (create my business plan), but she didn't because she thought there was a "good enough" free workaround (she gave me the free resource I needed, too). She even said that the money I would have spent on the upsell (creating my business plan) could be effectively spent on other things, which she outlined to me. Few service providers place their client's needs above their own needs like that. It is astounding and creates the trust from which everything can grow in the long-term. If only she could work with me exclusively! But she sure makes me feel like I'm her only client when I know full well I'm not.

In short, work with her, talk to her and in a short time you'll see the value. There is only one of her! Highly recommend!”

Amy Dubin-Nath

Founder, Janam Tea