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August 5, 2022


The founder of BuchuVida, Jo Feltman, operates a wellness shop in Ohio and sells buchu tea in-store and online. Buchu has been used for centuries in South Africa for its beneficial properties, yet it is not well known in America.


Create a blog post that uses social proof to inspire potential customers to trust buchu products.


Steeped Content created a list-style blog post, Buchu Testimonials, using social proof. Mackenzie found customer reviews from many different websites endorsing buchu products. Sourcing reviews from websites, including but not limited to BuchuVida’s, created a sense of credibility.

    Steeped Content organized reviews into the following product categories:
  • Buchu tea
  • Buchu tinctures and extracts
  • Buchu capsules

Periodically “Buchu Testimonials” will be updated, ensuring fresh content.


“Buchu Testimonials” reached the first page of google within one month. It now drives the most traffic to BuchuVida’s website.

"Mackenzie's list-style article, 'Buchu Testimonials', became our top-performing blog post. It ranks on the first page of Google and has a good click-through rate for its position. She said she'd update it as I got more testimonials, which is nice."

Jo Feltman

Owner, BuchuVida