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August 10, 2022


Dan Bolton, the Tea Biz blog and podcast publisher, is investing more in social media. His expertise makes excellent social media content, as his deep knowledge of the tea industry allows him to provide insightful value to Tea Biz's followers.


Dan wanted to plan his Instagram and Facebook posts from August to December 2022.


Steeped Content developed a content calendar for Tea Biz for three weekly social media posts.

    The calendar showed:
  • the content type (e.g., posts or reels)
  • all the critical content details (e.g., publishing date, caption, hashtags)
  • supporting details (e.g., image of the media, file name)

All posts were scheduled in SEMrush, and a plan for manual reel posting was made.


"Running Tea Biz requires a lot of time - I've got to host the Tea Biz podcast, write massive amounts of content for the Tea Biz website, and manage all my LinkedIn content. Staying on top of Instagram, creating a cohesive feed, and producing tons of content (like reels and posts) don't fit on my plate. This is why the Content Calendar Mackenzie developed for Tea Biz's Instagram and Facebook presence was very valuable. It gives me a line of sight into Tea Biz's social media presence for the next few months without adding to my workload. The Content Calendar gives me confidence that my business’s social media presence is well in hand and doesn't add tasks to my plate."

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz