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January 18, 2022


Dan Bolton, of Tea Journey magazine, publishes articles that appeal to tea lovers. With Valentine's Day approaching, he wanted to promote a corresponding issue.


Dan wanted to showcase romantic tea recipes on Instagram and help the featured tea brands drive sales.


Mackenzie developed 30 social media posts showcasing tea-based recipes and products featured in Tea Journey’s issue, The Romance of Tea. Appealing recipes from a key article, “Cooking A Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner With Tea” were featured. As were multiple tea blends from different brands.


A selection of 9 of the total 30 posts are featured below.

"Steeped Content is your perfect partner if you're looking for help creating high-quality social media content. With Mackezie's knowledge of tea, marketing, and social media, you get informative and engaging posts. She's attentive to your personal brand and what your audience wants."

Dan Bolton

Editor and Producer, Tea Journey and Tea Biz