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November 1, 2022


Aasha Bhandari of HIMCOOP, a cooperative of Nepalese tea producers, is responsible for promoting Nepal’s tea to the world. Backed by the Nepal government, Tea Journey was commissioned to create a special issue, Discover Nepal, promoting the tea and people of this unique tea land.


Dan Bolton of Tea Journey wanted a Facebook campaign to promote the Discover Nepal issue.


Mackenzie spoke with Aasha, clarifying preferred target markets, demographics, and geographics. Dan specified the budget and provided the images used in the ad campaign.

Mackenzie created a Facebook campaign targeting an audience that met the parameters provided by stakeholders.


"I initially asked a freelancer to create the labels for my teas. I wasn’t happy with the work; it fell short across the board. I shared this experience with Mackenzie, and she said, “Jo, do you want me to take a stab at remaking one label for you?” I was like, “Yes! I didn’t know you even did that.” Fast forward, Mackenzie delivers me a new tea label, and I LOVE it. The difference in the quality of work between what the other contractor did and what Mackenzie can do is night and day. I will get Steeped Content to make all my other tea labels.”

Aasha Bhandari

 International Trade Specialist, HIMCOOP