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Tea Label Design | BuchuVida




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Brick-and-mortar, E-commerce

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March 10, 2023


Jo and Philip are owners of BuchuVida, a brick-and-mortar and e-commerce company selling products made with buchu, a South African herb. They sell teas made with (and without) buchu. They knew a strong brand image could help BuchuVida stand out in a crowded market and boost sales.


Jo wanted to update the label design for her tea, Immunity.


    Jo used Steeped Content's hourly rate service to work on the tea label design project. Mackenzie created a label that:
  1. created a stronger brand identity,
  2. premiumized the product, and
  3. alluded to its health benefits

The final design included a clean white background with bold pink letters spelling the product name, "Immunity." The label also featured an elegant design with a hint of green, symbolizing the natural ingredients in the tea.”


The updated label design for BuchuVida's Immunity tea received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

The design helped BuchuVida stand out in the crowded tea market and positioned the brand as a premium product.

The reference to the product's ingredients (and allusion to the tea's health benefits) resonated with customers, who appreciated the tea's natural and holistic approach to wellness.

Thanks to Steeped Content's hourly rate service, Jo achieved her goal of creating a stronger brand identity for BuchuVida and boosting sales for her Immunity tea.

“I initially asked a freelancer to create the labels for my teas. I wasn’t happy with the work; it fell short across the board. I shared this experience with Mackenzie, and she said, “Jo, do you want me to take a stab at remaking one label for you?” I was like, “Yes! I didn’t know you even did that.” Fast forward, Mackenzie delivers me a new tea label, and I LOVE it. The difference in the quality of work between what the other contractor did and what Mackenzie can do is night and day. I will get Steeped Content to make all my other tea labels.”

Jo Feltman

Owner, BuchuVida